P4 First Communion Day

On Sunday 2nd June some pupils in P4 went to St Mary Magdalene’s church to receive their First holy Communion.  We were all a bit nervous but we were excited as well. We were nervous that we might make a mistake but the teachers told us that if we made a mistake it would be OK.  When we went up to receive our First Communion, we were still a little anxious but when we did it we were fine and happy. Afterwards, we had our photos taken and then went to the hall at the back of the church for some goodies. In our bags, we were given a little wooden cross and some nice things to eat, from the parish.  We got to spend time with our families and it was great fun.  Then we went home and some of us had another wee party.

A busy week for P4B

Primary 4B

This week we continued to learn how to use Book Creator. We began to write about the Nativity story and we wrote about our class talks. We spoke into the i -pads and our words appeared on the screen. It was a bit difficult and funny because the i-pad sometimes mistook what we said and the stories were odd.

We have been listening to the Jesse Tree story each day. It tells us lots of different stories from the bible. We like it because the characters are sometimes funny and the old man in the story was grumpy at the beginning but is now more cheery.

Over the last few weeks, we have been learning lots of Christmas carols and a couple of Christmas songs. We did this because we were going to sing at different churches to elderly people. We sang really well and got better each time we sang to different people. BUT the best of all was when we sang to our families and to the school at assembly. We also explained about different Christmas traditions. People that heard us sing said that we sang clearly, looked happy and that they really enjoyed listening to us. We were tired by the end of the week.

At each place where we sang, people were very kind and gave us something to eat and drink.

Our favourite song was Frosty the Snowman.

By Primary 4B

P4B working hard


Last week P4 were very busy. We began the week by creating cold and wintry pictures. Mrs Moscrop showed us lots of cold wintry pictures to help to give us ideas for our own pictures. We used dark colours to create a background using water colours. After the paint dried, we added lots of details to the landscapes using oil pastels. We were very pleased with our creations.

We have also been preparing for singing carols at the Baptist church. We are also getting ready for our Christmas Joy assembly where we will sing carols and tell about the traditions of Christmas. We are very excited to go and sing to some people.

We feel that we have worked hard at everything this week.

P.S. we are super excited that it is very near to Christmas

From P4B

P4B Houses and Homes

In P4B we have just finished a topic called Houses and Homes. We had a chat today and decided that we have learned lots about houses and homes.

The topic was interesting, fun and sometimes surprising.

We were creative when we prepared our class talks as we all did different things. We gave talks about Crannogs, Crofts and Castles. Some people made models, or drew lovely pictures or created Power Points to help them to give their talks. In class we painted spooky castles.

The best part of the topic was visiting Edinburgh castle.

These are some of the things we have learned.

  • the names of different types of houses
  • about different types of historical Scottish houses, like crannogs crofts, palaces and castles
  • life in a castle was not always easy
  • houses can be amazing and weird
  • houses can be built anywhere
  • street names are all different
  • crannogs are on stilts
  • houses can be different shapes and sizes
  • houses are safe places for us to be
  • houses are places to have fun and be with our families
  • most castles can be haunted
  • houses and homes can be built with many different kinds of materials
  • lots of castles have a story to tell
  • castles are built on a hill for defence
  • the first castles were Motte and Bailey castles and were made of wood
  • crofts were usually rented pieces of land
  • Norman the conqueror taught us how to build stronger castles that were made out of stone

We think that we worked hard and learned a lot !