Primary 2: Links for Home Learning

Good Morning!

We are aware that there is an issue accessing the links included in the Home Learning Grid.

Please find all the links below:


Mr Thorne and the a-e Split Digraph


Geraldine the Giraffe learns /a-e/


Story Nory


Phonics Play


Discover Education’s%20phonics%20the%20a-e%20spelling



Germ Experiment


Health and Wellbeing

Cosmic Yoga

Primary 2 Beebots

Primary 2 have been using the Beebots to learn all about  computer programming. We have been learning  what algorithms are  and creating and debugging  simple programs.  We have programed the Beebots to enter a simple maze and to follow a track we drew with chalk. We have also been programing  the beebots to create works of art.

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