A Reminder to complete the St John’s Digital Technology Survey

Thank you if you have taken time to complete the survey already, feedback is being collated and will be shared with teachers.

If you haven’t completed it yet, could I ask you to click the link below and answer the short questionnaire to help us build up a fuller picture of digital technology use by our pupils at home. Thank you

iPad @ home information

Good afternoon,

P7 pupils will be handing in their iPads this week as they prepare to head to High school in August. P6 and other individuals with school devices are allowed to keep their machines over the summer holidays with the following conditions:

The iPad agreement signed by parents and carers and children are still in effect and the purpose of having the iPads is to enable children to access learning over the next 6 weeks.

Families should take every reasonable precaution to look after the device and not take it out of the home.

iPads should not be updated (ios14 is due out soon) until we return to school. If iPads are updated, the apps will not function without an update.

Staff are not available to support home devices during the school holidays and are not expected to answer IT queries during these upcoming weeks.

Work will not be uploaded by staff during the holidays for children to complete. iPads can be used to complete previous learning tasks and to access learning apps such as Sumdog. Work should not be uploaded to Learning journals for staff to correct and feedback on.

In August we will systematically update all the machines and redistribute wiped P7 devices to other stages in the school.

If, for any reason, you do not wish to keep your device over the summer, please hand it into the school office before Friday along with the charger, plug and a note of your child’s name and class.

Thank you

New digital safety information from CEOP

Perfect timing from CEOP as online safety articles arrived by email this morning, just days after a request at Thursday’s Parent council meeting for more support for families online.

The first article is about screentime for children the link is below


The second article focuses on the positive side with 6 activities which can help with building your child’s resilience.


Acceptable iPad usage agreement

St John’s School P6 iPad Project – School Agreement

The St John’s Primary School iPad scheme will provide every P6 pupil with an iPad to assist and enhance their learning at school.

All parties involved (pupils, parents/carers and the school) must agree with all of the terms and conditions outlined below.

As a pupil, I agree to:

· Look after my iPad carefully at all times

· Always store my iPad in its supplied case when not in use.

· Only take my iPad out in class – never in the playground.

· Only use my iPad in lessons when instructed to by my teacher and close it or put it away when my teacher says so

· Only use programs on my iPad that my teacher has agreed I can use in the lesson

· Only use my iPad to record audio or video clips with the clear and explicit permission of everyone involved in the recording

· Never access inappropriate content on my iPad

· Not remove any security markings and not allow it to be subject to graffiti

· Immediately report any damage, loss or theft which happens in school to Ms Mitchell or Miss Sinclair.

· Report any technical problems to Ms Mitchell or Miss Sinclair.

As a parent/carer, I agree to:

· Encourage my child to care for and respect their iPad in class.

The school agrees to:

· Provide each pupil with an iPad and access to a range of e-Learning resources

· Provide pupils with a range of learning opportunities which make use of the iPad in school.

· Make sure that the iPad is working and that any repairs are dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible

· Give pupils an introduction to using and caring for the iPad. This will include a session on security, e-Safety, maintenance and health and safety

· Provide wireless access to the Internet across the whole school site.

· Issue questionnaires to pupils and parents/carers to help us in our ongoing evaluation of the project

Acceptable Use

We expect all parties concerned (pupils, parents/carers and the school) to follow all the rules and procedures listed on pages 1 and 2. If, however, a pupil breaks these rules then the school reserves the right to restrict or remove their access to any school ICT facility. Specifically in this case:

· If a pupil persistently refuses to follow a teacher’s instructions or stay on task, they may be told to put their iPad away and work from a book/paper for the rest of the lesson

· If a pupil accesses the Internet inappropriately, they may be banned from accessing the Internet in school for a period of time. Parents/carers will be notified if this happens

· In extreme cases, if a pupil persistently or seriously misuses their iPad, it will be removed from them by a member of the Senior Leadership Team or Support for Pupils’ staff for a period of time. If this happens parents/carers will be invited in to help the school resolve this matter

Signed (Pupil) ………………………………………………………. Date ……………………

Signed (Parent) …………………………………………………….. Date …………………..

Signed (Teacher) ……………………………………………….. Date ………………………