Empowered Learning Roll-Out for St John’s

Last week St John’s rolled out the Empowered Learning Project to P6 & 7 pupils, each pupil has their own dedicated mobile device to support their learning in class. With the help of Luke and Charlotte from CGI, class teachers successfully set up pupil devices.

All parents and carers of children in Primary 6 and 7 are asked to read the Home use agreement and acceptable use policy, click on the link and complete the short Form to sign the agreements at their earliest convenience.

Empowered Learning for P6 & P7

Dear parents and carers of children in P6 & P7,

Empowered Learning is coming to St John’s later this month, pupils in P6 & P7 will receive a 1:1  digital device which they will use in school and at home. This is part of the CEC Empowered Learning programme which will deliver equal access for all P6-S6 pupils across the city.

Please find attached a digital copy of the introductory letter about the programme, a copy of the Reasonable use agreement and a copy of the Home School agreement. The letter includes links to a video and a FAQ document which you may find useful.

Once you have read these documents please click the link in the introductory letter and complete the short Form.

We would ask that you respond as soon as you can to ensure we can include your child in the Empowered Learning rollout.