P1. P3 & P7 Drop off and pick up arrangements

Please note the slight change to P7 start and finish times from Tuesday. P1, P3 & P7 continue to enter and leave through the gate next to the Main entrance. Please ensure you follow social distancing protocols and wear a mask at drop off and pick up time. Lastly, we would ask that children do not play in the staff carpark at the beginning and end of the day. Thank you

Spring in P.1

This week P.1 have been learning about the sounds of ‘oo’ and ‘ew’. They have been making and writing words such as ‘book, pool, good, new, dew, chew. They have also been focusing on two tricky words from block 2- ‘her’ and ‘of’ and using them in sentences along with the ‘oo’ and ‘ew’ words.

In our numeracy work P.1 have been working on addition facts and doubles facts. They have been using Topmarks ‘Hit the Button’ games and addition flashcards to become super speedy with the answers.

In their RE work the children listened to ‘The Good Samaritan’ story and talked about how everyone who needs help is our neighbour. The children learned that they can help others during lent by bringing in spare coins to put in the class SCIAF box.

As part of our continuing work on Spring the children have been making bird’s nests with practical materials such as twigs, grass, moss and cones. They have enjoyed doing an art activity where they made birds in their nests with coloured paper, paint and paper plates. They look really good up in the Spring tree and some of P.1a are proudly showing them off.

P.1 Learning

This week P.1 have been learning about the new sounds of oa and ow. They have been reading and writing words and sentences that contain the new sounds of oa and ow.

In numeracy P.1 have been working on their addition and have been learning all the different addition number stories that make 10. They have been using practical materials to find different ways to make 10 and recording their sums and answers on their whiteboards.

In science work P.1 have planted beans in clear bags and watched how they developed roots, shoots and leaves. We also planted cress seeds and observed what happened when one group of seeds had no water and one group did.

We have been learning about which animals are born in Spring and learning about some Spring life cycles. The children explored the life cycle of a butterfly and made lovely art work inspired by the story and illustrations of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle.

Spring in P.1

P.1 have been planting bulbs and seeds this week and thinking about the conditions the plants need to grow. They have been labelling plant diagrams to learn about the different parts of a plant and what each part does.

Today we enjoyed Book World Day and listened to stories and wrote about a favourite part of the story and drew a picture. Many of P.1 used a potato to paint and decorate and turn into their favourite book character.

Back to School

P.1 have settled back into school really well this week.

They have been working hard on their literacy and numeracy work. Learning about the ai and ay sound in their phonic work and revision work on number stories and addition doubles in numeracy.

The highlight of the week was doing P.E with Mr Devine which they all loved. Mr Devine was impressed at how well they all worked.

This afternoon we looked at Acts of Kindness which has been sent out by the NHS. Have a look at the photos showing P.1 working on their ideas for Acts of Kindness.