P7 and P1 research dinosaurs together

Primary 7 spent Monday afternoon working with their buddies in Primary 1 to learn about dinosaurs. The senior pupils prepared a short book creator about their favourite dinosaur and after sharing this with P1, the children worked well together to find out about another creature.

Working together using Book Creator, children shared their understanding of how to create a new page, add text and a picture.

Primary 7 pupils were amazed by the ability of their buddies to work independently after only a short amount of time and were delighted with the finished work.

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P1 Penguins waddle for SCIAF

P1 went on a Penguin march around the Antarctic (Figgate Park!) to raise funds for the SCIAF Lenten ‘Wee Box’ appeal.  They had to skite over icebergs, huddle together as the icy blasts burst and were on seal alert throughout as they fiercely protected their eggs.  The journey ended up with renditions of “If you’re a penguin and you know it…” and the “penguin alert” songs.  Who knew penguins could sing so well?  The sun shone through the haar too and a lovely morning was enjoyed by all.

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P1 look after God’s World

P1 have been very busy learning about recycling. Having read the No Bot story, both classes made their own  robots using recyced materials.

Firstly, the childern planned their robots and drew their ideas down before deciding what materials they should use.

The children explained their ideas to the class and thought of materials they could recycle such as cardboard, plastic and glass.

We think they look grrrreat!

IMG_0717 IMG_0715 IMG_0714