P1 Learning Grid 25th May

Hello everyone! We hope you have had a restful weekend – the weather has been both lovely and stormy!
Eid Mubarak to all those celebrating this weekend!
Well done everyone on all that you have been doing at home so far, you are all doing a fantastic job. Your teachers are very proud of you and we love seeing all the photos that you are sharing with us on Learning Journals. We know it is hard being away from school but we will all see each other again soon.
We are moving onto a new topic this week ‘Toys’. We are sure that you will really enjoy the activities and experiences we have suggested for you. The new learning grid is attached below – as always, please only do what you can, when you can and if you can.

Keep safe and well.

All our love,

Mrs Williams, Mrs Mackay and Mrs Robinson xxx



21st May, 4- 4.30 PM 

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Primary 1 Learning Grid 18th May

Hello everyone, we hope you had a restful long weekend! We so enjoyed looking at all your school uniform photos on the school twitter account – and the teachers’ pictures too!

We hope you are all still keeping safe and well at home, we know it has been such a long time since we last saw each other but it’s great to see your photos on Learning Journals. There is so much learning going on, it’s fabulous. Such a variety and lots of life skills being learned!

Keep up the good work and keep doing what you are doing Primary 1 (and grown-ups). We will get there!

We miss you,

Mrs Mackay, Mrs Williams and Mrs Robinson x

Learning Grid for this week is below. It is also available as a downloadable attachment on Learning Journals.


Art Activities 19/5/20-24/5/20

This week’s artwork is…

Richard Long

River Avon Mud Fingerprints Spiral

This week’s activities revolve around the natural world. They’re inspired by the artist Richard Long, who often uses nature as the subject AND as the material when he makes art. His fascinating creations take on many different forms, including photographs, maps, pieces of writing, sculptures, walks, and mud-patterns such as the one pictured here.

The activities below include mud painting,  spiral finding, map drawing, and bangle making. They bring with them the health benefits that come from both engaging with nature and being creative! #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

Use this link below to access the art lessons- enjoy!


Art Activities

Yinka Shonibare

Sun, Sea and Sand

This week, inspired by this artwork by Yinka Shonibare, we’re looking at how objects can tell stories, have conversations, and even create portraits!

Yinka Shonibare is a ‘conceptual’ artist. He begins with a concept or an idea, then he looks for objects and images that help to communicate, and to get others thinking about, that idea. He uses lots of different materials like wax fabrics, photography and sculpture to explore the things that he’s most interested in; ideas around cultural identity and race.

In some of the activities below, we want you to see what objects you can find around the house with which to communicate your own ideas or stories…


Please post any images or chat about your work if you can , on your class pages when possible. most importantly, enjoy and I look forward to hearing from you!