P2 learning is out of this world!

We had fun learning about the phases of the moon this week in P2. We used Oreo cookies to show the different shapes and even got to eat them at the end. Who knew learning could be so yummy!

We were learning about the full moon and the new moon. The new moon is dark and the full moon is bright.- Lorenzo

The quarter moon is some dark and some is light- Dominic

The dark moon is called a new moon- Amir

P2 Engineers

P2 were engineers for the day and designed and constructed their own broomstick with room for all the characters from their Halloween class book ‘Room on a Broom’.

“Mine has five seats and gates, so nobody falls off.”- Mette

“My broomstick has a led blower to make it a little bit quicker and an engine and two wings at both of the sides and five seats”- David

“My broomstick has two floors and it has the fastest engine in the world.” -Amir

“My broomstick has a flag on it and it has a control room to fly it. And a storage box for food if they fly for a long time and get hungry.”- Elliot

“Mine is super thick and can never break.”- Dylan

P2 Learning about Day & Night

Primary 2 Have been learning about Day and Night

We learnt about the Sun, it is a star. It shines on the Moon and it reflects the light for us to see.

We see the Sun in the day and the Moon at night. 

The Earth takes one day to spin around.  The Moon takes a whole month to go around the Earth.

The Earth takes one whole year to travel around the Sun.

We learnt how we get day and night. The Earth spins around so the Sun lights up one half that is daytime, and the other half is dark it is night time there. Then it spins around and swaps. When it is day in Scotland it is night in Hong Kong. The Sun is in the middle and all the planets go around it.

All the things we did today were fun, it was fun and interesting.

Written by

Natalie, Tess, Corrin and Michael

Library bookmark winners announced

Well done to our P2-7 library competition winners marking the opening of the library by designing their own bookmarks. We were delighted with the entries and the winning designs are all vey deserving!

The winners were Iona P2, Genna P3, Aqsa P4, David P5, Mackenzie P6 and Imman P7. The winning bookmarks have been distributed with a copy for everyone in each year group.

P2’s Visit from Marty the Robot

Today Primary 2 had an exciting visit from Tanya from Robotical, the company who make Marty the Robot.  We learned a little bit about the different robots we might encounter in our lives and then we also learned how robots are programmed. We even got a chance to try programming each other!

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While we were practising programming a classmate, Tanya led small group workshops. In the workshops we all got a chance to learn how to programme Marty and even to make him dance.

We all hope that Marty visits us again soon.  Huge thanks to Tanya for a fantastic workshop!