Tea with SLT 23rd January

Today we welcomed 8 children to Tea with SLT. Letizia and Poppy from P2 had both worked hard, Letizia wrote independent sentences and Poppy made a great poster about being a good friend. Lewis produced a brilliant John Logie Baird factsheet, Aoife also from P5 wrote a very descriptive Scottish poem.

Michael was sent down to Tea with SLT after addressing the lassies as part of the P6 Burns supper celebrations and Olivia made a fantastic Burns Supper Invitation. In Primary 7 Milosz was celebrated for excellent descriptive character writing and Rocco was rewarded as winner of the Primary 7 Sumdog Maths challenge.

Well done to all our visitors this week, great work everyone!

P2 celebrate St John’s Feast Day

P2A were learning about St John the Evangelist this week. They were able to recall facts and depict different scenes from St John’s life through drama.

St John was the only apostle when Jesus died on the cross- Lily

St John wrote a bit of the bible- Mette

St John was the only apostle when Jesus Christ was dead- Lorenzo

St John was picked by Jesus – Leitiza

He was in a fisherman boat and he was getting fish and Jesus helped him get more and more fish- Lois D

He was the patron saint of artists- Ana

When St John was put in oil he stayed alive- Carly

P2 Christmas Party fun!

It was the -P2 elves and reindeers Christmas party yesterday.  (P2)

We played corners and we played musical statues and there was a winner.  Then we had lunch and we saw Santa Clause and then it was home time.

It was so much fun – Leitzia

I enjoyed food most from the day – Lila

I enjoyed musical bumps because when you go down you need to stay still -Lois D

Christmas Lunch

What a great day in the dinner hall today celebrating our annual Christmas lunch. There was a fantastic buzz around the room as the children were singing songs, laughing and enjoying their meal. A joy to see. A big thank you to our catering team for making this event happen.

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P2 are great British Bakers in the making!

P2A were cooking up a storm yesterday making some shortbread biscuits. We measured, mixed and rolled the dough and then the most important part -tasted it! Thumbs up all round:)

We got sugar and butter and flour and mixed them together. We rolled them with the rolling pin and shaped them. After that put them in the oven- Lois Y and Ana

David-It is very crunchy

Dominic- It tastes delicious.

Joshua- It tastes yummy