P1. P3 & P7 Drop off and pick up arrangements

Please note the slight change to P7 start and finish times from Tuesday. P1, P3 & P7 continue to enter and leave through the gate next to the Main entrance. Please ensure you follow social distancing protocols and wear a mask at drop off and pick up time. Lastly, we would ask that children do not play in the staff carpark at the beginning and end of the day. Thank you

P3B Outdoor Learning

Inspired by the book, ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson, P3 created woodland creatures out of clay, using natural materials for the animal features.  The children focused closely on the animals adaptive features, by using clay tools, which also strengthened their muscles to develop their fine moor skills.

In groups, the children shared something positive about each other’s animals and facts about how they survive and adapt to living in the wild.

Wonderful Outdoor learning P3B!

P3A learning

Written by Lily and Dominic

We have been leaning new tricky words. Our new words are example, country and young and we are doing our word boggle again. We made a sorry card for the time we have been naughty for someone. We have been learning our 5 times tables. For example 5 times 4 = 20.this week we did some out door learning.

Today we were playing doorway online and we were doing some literacy on the game. We all had lots of fun on the iPads. We also done some PE with mr D.

We are learning the ‘ing’ sound. We have been learning about the Amazon rainforest for example some of the trees give us medicine.😊