P3A Saving the world, one litter pick at a time!

P3A were shocked at all the litter they saw in Treverlen Park this morning but we made sure the community park was sparkling by the time we were done!

‘We went litter picking and we found lots of rubbish’ – Lily

‘We saved the planet!’ – Lorenzo

‘We helped save the environment by going litter picking’ – Michael

Well done P3A our Litter picking superheroes!

P3 learning

The last two weeks have been very busy in P3A from news report writing about Little Red Riding Hood’s shocking attack by the Big Bad Wolf to litter and recyling awareness through class writing and poster making. We have explored sounds of the rainforest using just our bodies and you can see from the video below we even added a jump to make the sound of thunder! We then created tribal music and masks along with patterns and tesselation in Maths. We were outside trying to find right angles and learning about the 10 commandments through role play. We also have been finding joy during joyful June through song and dance during our lunch break performances☺️

Below blog written by Lila, Mette and Olek

This week we have been learning about tesselation

St John’s reign supreme in Sumdog challenge

St John’s dominated this week’s Sumdog Edinburgh Contest with four classes placed in the top 10. P5A came in 10th place, P4B climbed to 8th place overall. P6B did an amazing job to finish as runners up only 4 points from the top spot which was claimed by P4A! An incredible effort by all the children and their teachers, such dedication to answering 1000 questions each. To have four classes in the top 10 out of 240 classes who entered is a fantastic achievement!

In addition to this, P3A were the daily winner on the 8th June and P6B’s storming finish saw them crowned daily champion on Thursday 10th June.

Aqsa in P6B also made the top 10 for individual pupils with an impressive score of 969 correct answers out of 1000. Over 2350 pupils took part, so very well done Aqsa!

Great job St John’s, we are very proud of your efforts.

P3 Bug Club Update

Oliver is holding some grass where a frog hopper has laid its eggs. The foam protects them from predators and stops them drying out. There is lots at the moment around the hedge areas in the playground. We even saw a frog yesterday afternoon – you have a wildlife haven in your playground!
Lorenzo and co are watching a queen Common Carder Bee on the lavender. 
Dominic is using his Bumblebee ID sheet while he searches for bees visiting the Field Maple. 

P3 Bug Club

The past two weeks P3 have been going on Bumblebee safaris around the playground. We have lots of bumblebees visiting St Johns so it has been very exciting to spot them.

Below are a few photos of bees and children looking at bees, the first bee feeding on the lavender is a Common Carder Bumblebee and the bee flying across the lavender is a Red Tailed Bumblebee. Both are Queen bees which is exciting because it means the first colony has done well enough to produce Queens so will have another generation before the winter comes. Its a big plus of lock down that there has been less mowing and so more food for the bees! We also have an identifier sheet on the blog so we can spot the different bees and their roles.

Next week and the week after we will make bug hotels. If any children have sticks or dry materials from their gardens they would like to donate to this project we would be grateful. We will place the mini bug hotels around the playground and in the park.

Good work P3!