What ‘Faith’ means to Primary 3

As part of Catholic Education Week, P3 reflected on what Faith means to them. Here are a few of their reflections.

‘Faith means that when I die all the people I love I can see again’

‘Faith means God’

‘Faith is trust’

‘If one of your family ever dies you know they will always be with you’

‘Faith is what you believe in’

‘Faith is forgiveness’

‘Faith protects you’

‘Faith is knowing that God loves you’

Thank you Primary 3, you have given a lot of thought to your answers, as we journey through Advent let us put our Faith into Action!

P3A discuss the pros and cons of technology

Ana- If you watch something on the tablet too much you can get addicted and not want to get off

Lois D- When you are on iPad three hours could pass and then you would forget to have dinner and do important things

Letizia- your phone reminds you of when it’s someone’s birthday and you can see them during lockdown

Declan- you can connect to people in different houses.

Lila- Using your phone too much can make your eyes hurt.

Lily- You can lose your imagination if you go on your phone or iPad or computer too much

Carly- you can use a phone to help you drive to a place where you don’t know