P4B Houses and Homes

In P4B we have just finished a topic called Houses and Homes. We had a chat today and decided that we have learned lots about houses and homes.

The topic was interesting, fun and sometimes surprising.

We were creative when we prepared our class talks as we all did different things. We gave talks about Crannogs, Crofts and Castles. Some people made models, or drew lovely pictures or created Power Points to help them to give their talks. In class we painted spooky castles.

The best part of the topic was visiting Edinburgh castle.

These are some of the things we have learned.

  • the names of different types of houses
  • about different types of historical Scottish houses, like crannogs crofts, palaces and castles
  • life in a castle was not always easy
  • houses can be amazing and weird
  • houses can be built anywhere
  • street names are all different
  • crannogs are on stilts
  • houses can be different shapes and sizes
  • houses are safe places for us to be
  • houses are places to have fun and be with our families
  • most castles can be haunted
  • houses and homes can be built with many different kinds of materials
  • lots of castles have a story to tell
  • castles are built on a hill for defence
  • the first castles were Motte and Bailey castles and were made of wood
  • crofts were usually rented pieces of land
  • Norman the conqueror taught us how to build stronger castles that were made out of stone

We think that we worked hard and learned a lot !


P4B Edinburgh Castle trip

Primary 4b’s visit to Edinburgh Castle

On Wednesday 31st October, our class visited Edinburgh castle. We were very excited before we got there, especially as it was Hallowe’en. We thought that we would perhaps see the ghost of the piper who walks around the castle or some spooky people. This also made us a little bit nervous and scared!

We visited the castle as part of our topic about historical Scottish dwellings.

Before we went into the castle we had a look at the esplanade and we saw lots of people visiting the castle. The castle was very high on an extinct volcano.

We then had a workshop. Blair was dressed up as a knight. Then we all got to hold some of the armour. The sword was long and sharp. It was important to be really careful when we held the sword.

After lunch we had lots of time to go around the castle. First of all we heard the one-o’clock gun and then we all went to different parts of the castle in our groups.

Some of the best a bits were

  • Having a pretend shower in the prison
  • Going to the dungeons, and prisoner of war exhibition
  • Some of the things we saw were a bit scary and interesting
  • The crown jewels
  • The one o’clock gun
  • Seeing where James 1 was born
  • Putting the armour on
  • The great hall

This was a great trip. We all enjoyed it and would like to go back again.



P4a Castle Trip

P.4a went on a trip to Edinburgh Castle. We split into groups so that we could explore the castle. One of our favourite places was the dungeons. They were dark and rocky. They had hammock beds and beds on wooden boards. All the prisoners would have been really squashed together.

We saw the one o clock gun that is fired every day. We also saw Mons Meg which is the biggest canon in the castle.

We looked at the Scottish crown jewels and they were shiny and pretty with jewels.

There was a crown, sword and a sceptre.

We also saw the prisons for disobedient soldiers. They had a wooden bed, a toilet and a sink.

Finally we went to a workshop where Isla was dressed up as a knight and we all got to hold and put on some of the Knight’s equipment.

We enjoyed our trip and Edinburgh castle was interesting, a bit spooky, and fun.

We learnt a lot!

Written by P.4a

Primary 4/5 work with Holyrood High


Over the past 2 weeks, Expressive Arts teachers from Holy Rood have visited P4/5 classes in St John’s to introduce the first story in a series of interactive books, “Bessy Bass visits Europe”. This resource promotes literacy, art, the expressive arts, geography and modern languages and introduces some of the less popular musical instruments to our young learners.

On Mon 7 Nov and Thurs 10 Nov, Art teachers and S5/6 pupils from Holy Rood will help P4/5 pupils to design posters and tickets advertising the Christmas Drama Production of Bessy Bass which will be performed at St John’s on Friday 2nd December at 11am.