First few weeks of primary 4!

Primary 4 have enjoyed their first few weeks back in school and seeing their friends… upstairs! They have been letting their imaginations run wild and are enjoying the thrill of the story of The Witches by Roald Dahl! They will be keeping their eyes peeled for anyone scratching their heads, wearing long gloves and walking funny! They have also been VERY excited about getting their very own iPads. A great first few weeks primary 4, well done!

St John’s reign supreme in Sumdog challenge

St John’s dominated this week’s Sumdog Edinburgh Contest with four classes placed in the top 10. P5A came in 10th place, P4B climbed to 8th place overall. P6B did an amazing job to finish as runners up only 4 points from the top spot which was claimed by P4A! An incredible effort by all the children and their teachers, such dedication to answering 1000 questions each. To have four classes in the top 10 out of 240 classes who entered is a fantastic achievement!

In addition to this, P3A were the daily winner on the 8th June and P6B’s storming finish saw them crowned daily champion on Thursday 10th June.

Aqsa in P6B also made the top 10 for individual pupils with an impressive score of 969 correct answers out of 1000. Over 2350 pupils took part, so very well done Aqsa!

Great job St John’s, we are very proud of your efforts.

P4 Outdoor Learning 25th May

The weather wasn’t great for outdoor learning the past two days so we had lots of sea themed learning in the classroom.
We learned about how a whole variety of marine life survive and adapt to living in water, from dolphins using echo location to sting rays with hexagon shaied teeth! 
The children then had a ‘ sea scientist challenge’ to create there own sea creature, thinking about how they adapt to living in the sea and present them to the class.
Well done P4, some very imaginative creations!