Earth Hour Poster Competition

A massive congratulations to Oona from P4b, who was one of only four winners (out of over 300!) of WWF Scotland’s Earth Hour competition. Her winning design shows the impact of plastic pollution on our planet’s wildlife, and is such an eye-catching design with a clear message. She attended the photoshoot last Friday and got to meet the WWF’s panda mascot. Look out for her poster appearing on bus stops and on-board Lothian buses throughout March, and hopefully you will all join in with Earth Hour on the 30th March.

A massive congratulations again to Oona, you’ve done yourself and St John’s proud!!

Lent – 40 acts of generosity school challenge

During Lent this year each class are exploring 40 acts of kindness calendar. Classes have already started to share their experiences, last week Primary 4 wrote ‘Thank you’ cards for members of staff for all the hard work they do. Some children thanked the dining room staff, others thanked Pupil Support Assistants, office staff and our janitor Mr Mackie.


Young Engineers

P.4 had 2 visits this month from the young Engineers.

In visit one P.4a talked about going on holiday and how to use a budget. Each group then built a moving conveyor belt for putting their suitcases on at the airport.

For visit two the children learned about exchanging money and about exchange rates for their holiday.  In their groups they built a moving ferris wheel that would be in the theme park on their holiday.

Everything was built with lego and connected to a battery and a motor. The groups had built moving cogs and wheels connected with elastic bands. It was great fun to see everything moving and working.

By P.4a

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Scottish Poems

P.4a wrote some Scottish poems on the theme of ‘Ma Hame’ for Burn’s week. Here are a couple of the poems written by Ala and Lewis.

Ma Hame by Lewis

Ma Hame smells like baked bread.

Ma Hame looks like a warm fire.

Ma Hame is a happy place.

Ma Hame tastes like hot toast.

I love ma hame.



Ma Hame by Ala

Ma Hame smells like strawberries.

Ma Hame tastes like buttered toast.

Ma Hame gives love to people.

Ma Hame is where you hear heart beats.

Ma Hame is where you’re happy.

Ma Hame is where we show love.

      There’s nae place like hame.

Do This In Memory Mass update

There was a good turnout at both the P4 St John’s 9.30am and P3 St Mary Magdalene’s 11.15am masses on Sunday 27th January as part of this year’s sacramental preparation programme. Children were involved in saying the readings, sharing prayer intentions and taking down the offertory during both masses and both congregations watched a thank you film from STEKA about the fundraising efforts to build three vocational training centres for the young people.

There is a P3 Reconciliation meeting scheduled for 7pm Monday 25th February in the St John’s Church hall for bothparents and children.