Primary 6 Meet the Teacher

Due to Covid restrictions we have produced a Meet the Teacher SWAY for Primary 6. It allows us to share some more information about the school day for our children. We will be able to discuss individual pupils during the Parent Consultation Meetings in October. Please click on the link at the bottom of the post to access the SWAY.

P6A’s first blog!

Primary 6A have had a fun week! Here are some of things we’ve been up to:

In numeracy, we learned about rounding, which was good because we got to play fun maths games. We also did some word problems to do with place value, it was a bit challenging but in the end we understood it!

In French, we played one of our favourite games, elevens (but in French!). We also played a numbers game using cones in the playground, and we learned the names for types of food, such as le pain, le chocolat, le gateau and la glace. Learning French is fun and will be useful later on in our lives.

This week we also learned about resilience. We watched a video and answered questions about the characters. The characters were Jess, Kyle and Paul. They all had different problems, but they had resilience and used coping strategies to help them.

In RE, we have been learning about parables. We listened to the parable of the rich fool, then in groups we did a talk about what Jesus meant in the story. Jesus told the man in the story to share because he was greedy and selfish, and the message is that we all must share.

We also did a reading comprehension this week. We had to read a newspaper article, and answered questions about it in full sentences, to show how much we understood. We enjoyed focusing on our work in silence.

Finally, P6A we have also been learning about the ‘healthy’ part of the SHANARRI wheel. We all got into groups of four, and have been designing a ‘healthy school’. It was fun to design to a brief and be creative in our decisions.

P6 & 7 Violin tuition – Final week 24th June

Below are the resources from Mr Horvath for the final week. Thank you to Mr Horvath for the support he has given during this challenging time, enjoy your final week’s resources!