Go Kart Build Update

Yesterday we were attaching the seat to the Kart and we have also started to attach the rollcage. We are beginning to see how the Go Kart will look after it is built. There a few things to do yet, including the wiring and check the steering and a general quality inspection.

We would appreciate the services of a mechanic or someone mechanically minded to help us with our final checks some time after Easter!

STEM Go kart update

This week we built the motor cage, attached the motor belt to the rear axle and attached the motor cage to the chassis. We worked well as a team to communicate and problem solve. Harry solved the issue of attaching the belt to the axle and the whole team confidently used spanners to secure the bolts. Next time we plan to insert the seat and attach the rollcage to the go kart chassis.

Outdoor Education Group Visits Holyrood Park

We went to Holyrood Park on a bus.

We walked into the park and we met the ranger, he was called Gordon and then we walked up the hills in the rain!

We learnt that a part of Arthur’s Seat used to be a beach and there was a bit that was slanted which lava went down, but that was a long time ago.

The volcano last erupted hundreds of millions of years ago.

It used to be covered by a glacier which was much higher than Scotland’s biggest mountain.

When the volcano explodes, the lava can turn into rock, and we got to have a look at some lava rocks.

By Lexi and Ella

Go Kart build back on track

After a few weeks delay, two members of the go kart build group helped get us back on track fitting the rear axle. Greenpower did a great job sending a replacement axle after the initial one was too wide at one end.

Sophia and Harry managed to attach the axle and secure it to the chassis. They found it a little difficult to tighten the nuts but persevered and did a great job!

Next week P7 will begin the throttle and brake work before we begin building the motor cage.

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New lunchtime drama club off to a great start!

Yesterday, Tuesday 22nd January saw the first of 10 weeks of drama club lessons during lunchtime. This club has a long waiting list and the pupils who were fortunate to be drawn out of the hat thoroughly enjoyed their first meeting. Fully funded by the Parent Council, the group was led by Calum and Caitlyn from Edinburgh Youth Theatre. Here are some of the thoughts of pupils..

“I like it a lot when we paired up.” Laia

“I liked the games we were playing, like walking in different ways.” Milly

“I thought it was really fun, I liked playing the story game, to find a partner and pretend to drive a tractor.”

“I enjoyed playing lots of different games.” Amelia

“It was fun , we played in groups with people we don’t ususally play with.” Juliaphoto 13