Updated RCCT timetable

Due to staff changes before and subsequently after the October holidays, the RCCT timetable has been revised and updated.

As before, all classes have been allocated the correct amount of specialist cover time up until Christmas, however different classes have different specialist teacher input. Also a reminder that there is no RCCT requirement for P1 & 2 classes.


Impressionist textiles

P6 looked at the landscape paintings of the impressionist. The way the artists such as Claude Monet would paint ‘ en plein air’ outdoors .

The class created their own felted artworks based on elements from our local environment. The Figgate parks lily pond and wild flower meadow and the sea and waves of portobello and Joppa .

P6 enjoyed the water and bubbles and physicality of the felting technique. There’s not many art classes that you leave cleaner than before!

P6 Home Learning Grid, Term 1

Please find attached the home learning activities for your child’s stage.  

At second level, our grid is separated into three areas; literacy, numeracy and outdoor learning/health and wellbeing. The grid covers term one from September to December.  

We ask that learners choose 2/3 activities per week from each area to complete and upload a photograph of their work onto Teams or Learning Journals. However, we want this to fit in around your life and we do not want families to feel pressured; please complete the home learning as and when you can.

Teachers will check in with homework fortnightly to provide feedback on tasks completed.  

P6 will soon be completing active spelling tasks daily in class therefore there is no requirement to extend this further at home. 

We are in the process of rolling out a new reading programme in school (Accelerated Reader). Information on group reading homework, and how this will be managed in light of current restrictions, will follow soon. In the meantime, we encourage lots of personal reading at home whether this is fiction, non-fiction, online articles etc. 

We appreciate your ongoing support!

Ms Mitchell and Miss Maguire