P1. P3 & P7 Drop off and pick up arrangements

Please note the slight change to P7 start and finish times from Tuesday. P1, P3 & P7 continue to enter and leave through the gate next to the Main entrance. Please ensure you follow social distancing protocols and wear a mask at drop off and pick up time. Lastly, we would ask that children do not play in the staff carpark at the beginning and end of the day. Thank you

P7 Outdoor Learning

To introduce the ‘ Animal Adaptation’ topic this week, Primary 7B completed a challenging group quiz! The winners were …….. Team ‘ The brothers Kebabie’ – Harris, Robbie, Ben & Michael T. Well done!

Here are some thoughts about what P7B enjoyed or learnt this week:

“I enjoyed the deer game & thinking about the ways deers survive in the wild”   Kian

” I learnt that camels store fat in their humps, not water like many people think. I liked the animal games too”.     Vi

“I learnt about brumation is like migration behaviour”  Catriona.

” I learnt about that owls have amazing eyesight to help them.catvh their prey”.       Milly

” I learnt how foxes use their hearing to catch prey”.  Michael C.

P7B using their ‘owl eyes’ to catch prey!