P7 Film – What kind of Scotland?


Please see both links below, to the film P7A created in conjunction with Children’s Parliament:  What Kind of Scotland?  We are sure you will agree they were outstanding and did themselves proud. They spoke articulately and respectfully while stating their own views and the rights they adhere to.  The film was launched at a National Conference by the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.  The Scottish Government will upload them onto their site associated with the work on Scotland’s National Outcomes.

Mrs Kelly

Quidditch Success for St John’s Team

Today we got a coach up to Holy Rood High school to compete in a ‘Quidditch’ tournament, run by the school librarian at Holy Rood. There were two other schools, St. Catherine’s and St. Ninian’s. The first match we played was against the S1s from Holyrood but that was the only match that we lost. The second match we played was against St. Catherine’s, which we won. After that we played St. Ninian’s, we won that match as well. Then we played the final against St. Ninian’s, which we won, by quite a lot. We got a very shiny gold trophy and everyone who participated received a medal. Then we went back up to the library, had our lunch and then left. When we got back everyone was really happy that we had won, and we were all really happy that we had managed to win, as it was our first time playing Quidditch. It was a great experience and I think everyone who went that is going to Holyrood will join next year.


By Mia and Freya

Interscholastic Glory for St John’s

The interscholastics was really fun but I was incredibly nervous for my race. I was doing the 600 metres and it was the longest race to do in the Interscholastics. We waited around for quite a bit and then I was called up to do the 600m and I became extremely nervous. The race started and I got a pretty fast start and I was out in front! A guy overtook me on the first lap and he was leading for quite a bit. On the second lap I sprinted away from him and was nearly out of gas but I kept running and won the race!

About two hours later I was in the final and was racing another 600 metres. Again I got off to a quick start and was about fourth. The race went on and I slipped into second with a guy just centimetres in front of me I started sprinting the last 100 metres trying to overtake him on the bend he just got ahead of me but then I ran my hardest and beat him by about two millimetres. I won a gold medal and was waiting to get called up and then an announcer with a megaphone called out my name and my school and I was really proud of myself.

Finlay McWilliam

Benmore 2017: Day 3 – Kayaking

On our final full day at Benmore (yesterday), some of our learners had the chance to do some kayaking on the beautiful Loch Eck. Here were some of their highlights:

James L – “I enjoyed playing the ball game with the kayaks at the end!”

Toby – “I enjoyed kayaking because it was a new experience!”

James G – “I enjoyed trying to balance whilst standing in my kayak and falling in the water!”

Grant – “I enjoyed learning to control the kayak.”

Brandon – “I enjoyed playing the ball game at the end.”

India – “I enjoyed trying to stand up in the kayak and falling in.”

Julia – “I enjoyed the variety of activities we did out in the water with our kayaks.”

Chiara – “I enjoyed learning how to paddle, turn and reverse with my kayak.”

Lewis – “I enjoyed learning how to turn on the spot.”

Danny – “I enjoyed winning the ball game at the end of the session.”

After a leaving disco in the evening, the pupils are up bright and early ready to head home this morning!

Benmore 2017: Day 2 – Abseiling and Climbing

Today at Benmore, some of our pupils got the chance to take part in some abseiling and use the excellent indoor climbing wall. While some of the pupils were apprehensive beforehand, it was a positive, enjoyable experience for everyone, as can be seen in their reflections:

Freya – “I enjoyed having the freedom to choose how high I wanted to climb.”

Niamh – “I enjoyed that were no limits or expectations for how far we had to climb.”

Misha – “I enjoyed that I could choose whichever level of difficulty I wanted.”

Sean – “I enjoyed abseiling down the high quarry!”

Humza – “I enjoyed the freedom I had during abseiling and climbing.”

Nicholas – “I loved abseiling down the 50ft quarry and climbing up the steep indoor climbing wall.”

Fred – “I enjoyed the abseiling because I managed to overcome my fears.”

Liam – “I enjoyed abseiling and climbing because while I was nervous at the start, I felt good at the end.”

Kerry – “I enjoyed having a great first experience on a climbing wall and overcoming my fear to start with!”

Aaron – “I enjoyed being able to practice on the different climbing walls and improving my skills.”

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow!