Soaking wet sevens

Group 7 had a great time in the forest and gorge are some of their thoughts…

The gorge walk was nerve wracking because of what I had heard before hand. When I actually got into the gorge it was fun! Mackenzie

The gorge was wet we had to climb a lit including through the keyhole and Scott helped us a lot. Emaan

We went under the rock of africa. We also got to drink fresh water from the hillside stream. I felt some bits were quite hard. Temo

I enjoyed walking along the log, jumping in to deep water and drinking fresh water from the waterfall. Ellyse

My water proofs saved me from getting soaked right through when I had to climb through the keyhole. I felt excited! Lilly-Ann

We had to grab onto a carabiner and then grab on to a rope and hauled yourself up the steep slippy wet rock. I felt proud of myself. Ryan

When I was going under the rock of Africa it was freezing cold. I felt happy to have made it. Mayada

Ah there end of the gorge walk 4 of the boys went down a slide into a pool. We sat at the top of the slide to stop the flow of water so that when we went down the water would burst down faster. I felt cold and excited. Matthew

When I was at the gorge walk at the rock of Africa I didn’t want to go under it at the start but I said to myself want a challenge. I did it and I felt proud of myself because I’m usually scared of tight spaces. Daniel

In the forest walk we traveled to the Chilean gardens and played a game where you had to hide and the finder tried to find you. If he couldn’t see you he would say camouflage and you would try to move closer to the finder without being seen. You had to have your wits about you, I enjoyed it it was fun! Bertie

Wet and muddy

Group 9 had a great day here are some of our thoughts.

I felt quite scared when we are at the top of fact flowing waterfalls in the gorge.but we made it out with teamwork. Rhys

I was quite excited because I was the first one to go through the keyhole but I got soaking. I was quite proud of myself for going first. Millie

The gorge was freezing but I enjoyed climbing rocks. I felt freezing cold this morning! Francesco

I didn’t think I can do anyone when I got near to the end of the gorge. I was so cold. I thought might only be here once so I pushed myself to go for it. I feel proud. Kayden

When we decided to have a small fire I managed to do the sparks and light the fire. The first time I sparked nothing happened but I was really surprised that it lit the fire on the third time. Emma

I’m really proud that I got muddy and was the muddiest of all the children in the group. Ella

I enjoyed today it was really fun but I’m looking forward to the movie night. Orla

I enjoyed getting out of the activities and relaxing on my bed. I felt freezing! Clare

Our Benmore Adventure

Our first impressions of benmore…

I think the food at benmore is really good.tonight I had spaghetti! Milosz

I enjoyed walking up the streams and ditches and getting muddy! Liam

I liked exploring the whole house with Aun. I used my was really fun. I also enjoyed playing pool. Amjad

I liked being in the mini gorge getting muddy and wet. I liked climbing up all the trees. Jaxson

I liked exploring the grounds and the house. The gardens are really pretty. Abbie

I liked going on the walk this afternoon and finding out new things. Lexi

I liked exploring the mini gorge today.I’m looking forward to the gorge walk tomorrow! Lorena

I enjoyed racing Rocco up the hill. I won and felt good! Bartek

I like having our freedom and having our own free time. Grace

I am really enjoying Benmore, I’m looking forward to abseiling tomorrow. Rocco

Foodbank Collections pick up pace

As part of our ‘Make a difference’ resilience unit we are continuing to support the Edinburgh Foodbank Networks by collecting tins, packets and non-perishable items as part of a Harvest time collection appeal.

Primary 7 pupils, Emaan and Eva have been co-ordinating the collections each day in school and have been doing a great job of organising the donations. We are grateful to all the children who have brought in items to support families, Douglas from P3 brought in a box of goodies including biscuits, crisps and tins today. Well done Douglas and everyone who has helped the Trussel Trust these past few weeks.

Masterchef 2019 continues

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Primary 7B are continuing to develop their skills in and out of the kitchen but Thursday seen them take on a new challenge, making their own macaroni cheese with only a recipe to follow. Lots of skills were tackled including:

  • Communication
  • Supporting others
  • Delegating tasks
  • Problem solving
  • Identifying risk
  • Teamwork
  • Time management

“We were separated into four teams and had to cooperate with our team mates. We had to make the pasta and the cheese sauce by ourselves using complicated utensils.” – Sophia

“We had to communicate with our team mates otherwise we wouldn’t get anything done. It was important to support each other so that nothing dangerous happened when working with knives, graters and boiling water. Also it meant that everyone had a role in the team to make it cook in time.” – Matthew and Orla

“We learned that ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ and that it’s important to share our knowledge and skills so that people learn and know how to do it the next time by themselves.” – Sean and Mackenzie

It’s clear P7 are enjoying these new learning opportunities and additional responsibility. They are looking forward to the next challenge.