Digital Technology Update Friday 15th January

Pupils accessing Teams

We are pleased with the amount of children successfully engaging in Teams this week, we are actively working to support families to access remote learning online.

P4-7 iPads

There are a number of P4-7 iPads and learning packs waiting to be picked up by families. Mrs Angus has been in touch by email with office opening times, please call the office between 8.30-10.30 and 1-3 Mon-Thurs to arrange pick up.

Requesting devices

If you would like to request a device we can add your name to a waiting list and as machines are readied we will contact you to let you know when we have a device for you. We have a limited amount of devices in school and have requested more from the local authority.

Apple ID Locked

We have distributed over 270 devices to families so far. St John’s iPads work from a single whole school Apple ID, all iPads have been updated prior to them being handed out and do not require apps to be updated or downloaded. Unfortunately, the wrong password has been attempted several times by a user and the Apple account has now been disabled. We have been advised it will take a few days to reset the account details and each machine will need to be logged in to the Apple account individually using the new password. This is because Apple use a two step verification process which requires a code for each machine. If you see a message about ‘two step verification process’ please click on ‘not now’.

iPad support

If you require IT support please complete the query Form with a short summary of the issue. This link was emailed to all families at the beginning of the week and can also be found on the school website. Your request or query will be passed onto the most relevant person within the school to deal with.