Garden Club Term 1 Update

More lovely times with Garden Club this term. The children have cleared and replenished the beds with compost and horse manure. We have winter cabbages coming along in one of the raised beds, the kitchen will be able to incorporate them into one of the school meals next term.

We’ve transplanted lots of the self seeded seedlings into the propagator at the front of the school. Hopefully they will survive the frosts and we will have a head start with calendula, nasturtium, borage and rocket in the spring and we will have spare plants to sell at the spring fair.

More daffodil bulbs have been planted at the front of the school, I’m looking forward to some cheery yellow in April.

We worked with the Woodland Trust to plant some native Scottish trees around the new school site; Dog Rose up the boundary fence between the willow tunnel and the astro, a Hazel fence at Nursary, a Rowan and Oak tree near the bike parking and Rowan and Silver Birch Trees near the astro.


Twende Pamoja -Let’s Walk Together

Today a group of Primary 5 and 6 pupils went to Royal High Primary to take part in the launch of this year’s Twende Pamoja project. Twende Pamoja is a group to develop links and partnership with schools in Tanzania.

St John’s was one of 11 schools represented and the children were there to discuss problems facing the environment, what we are doing in our homes and schools and what more we might do. There were two representatives from Tanzania to give their perspective. We were all a bit shocked (and impressed) to learn that Tanzania has made plastic bags illegal!

Our St John’s pupils represented us brilliantly, working with pupils from other schools, contributing ideas and speaking to the larger group.

If ever you want to be hopeful for the future ask a group of young people for their ideas to address environmental issues.

From soil to plate, a beetroot’s tale

Tana, our infectiously enthusiastic gardener has helped children harvest from our raised beds and use the crops to create delicious and colourful culinary creations this term. Working with interested and inquisitive children during lunchtime and small groups from P3 and P4 after break, Tana has encouraged children to explore planting, caring and harvesting of vegetables.

The soup created by Tana and the children from across various stages within the school was served during lunches today and was very popular! Thank you Tana for your great work with our pupils, thank you to the children who worked so hard to create the lovely soup and thanks also to our dedicated kitchen staff who helped cook the soup for today.

St John’s buzzing about ECO morning

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On a cloudy but dry Friday morning, St John’s pupils brought colour to our ECO morning as they dressed in every colour of the rainbow to celebrate our annual ECO gathering.

Nursery dressed as bumblee bees to start off our celebrations and this year’s theme was of course ‘Save the Bees!’. Each class paraded their handiwork with some amazing efforts from the pupils and ECO reps shared fascinating facts and bee jokes with the audience.  The St John’s school choir treated us to a fantastic musical interlude whilst we ate our ice creams.

It was a great morning celebrating our ECO work and spreading the message ‘Save the Bees!’, well done everyone!

P3 help shape the future

IMG_1207 IMG_1208 IMG_1203 IMG_1204

Both P3 classes worked with Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust today to share ideas about the new park space which will be created on the present St John’s school site.

Abby and Ruth showed the children pictures of paths, benches, play apparatus and ECO friendly reycled resources. Children were asked to draw their ideas on large A3 maps and label these.

The children had lots of great ideas including Flying foxes, football pitches, treehouses and fun parks.