P7 Learning Review week ending 8th March

Friday 8th March 2019

P7 Blog By Lola

This week was World Book Day, and snapshot journal week. We were working on money in maths, we had to do questions on profit and loss and we did a quiz to find out if we are good at saving our money or not. We did some R.E on the fruits of the Holy Spirit, we wrote how we show them in our everyday day lives. For World Book Day we had a pyjama/dress down day, we also did speed datingwith books. Speed dating is when you walk round the room and compare your books with each other, the book I brought in was To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. We also had to draw a movie poster based on our books, it was a really fun activity.

Our Mud Kitchen Has Arrived!

B0799BF4-CB2F-48D1-AF0F-3C3425B780B51BCCD94C-4B44-4526-9E99-CCD6E422CACDEF853B9E-0096-4D49-9212-D1CD959CAEA56B7C4A3C-DA16-4F83-B5E8-6C0806F2B8DCWe are delighted to see the arrival of our new purpose built mud kitchen in our nursery garden. A huge thank you to Orocco Joinery for taking on the project and producing such a wonderful resource for our children. In the words of Jude, “It’s fantastic!” Another big thank you to St. John’s Parent Council for providing this for our nursery as it will be enjoyed for years to come.