Group 4 having a GORGEous time

“when I first went into the Gorge I thought it would be a small tunnel but it was much bigger than I thought it would be with more water and falling. It was very slippery and cold and deep! After, I felt a little muddy but proud because it was very difficult and I fell alot of times. I kept trying!” Mahnoor

“The Gorge was quite scary but I enjoyed it, afterwards I felt like I achieve something and made lots of new friends”. Martha

“I felt scared to fall into the water and roll down the Gorge but I made it to the top, I felt happy and proud. ‘ Tommaso

“When I first saw the Gorge I thought it would be easy. When it was my time to go up I realised it was more challenging than I thought. Then I realised I shouldn’t have judges the book by its cover. After I reached the top I felt proud of myself. Even though I fell twice I felt proud of myself for trying something new”. Skye

“My thoughts on the gorge walk were that I thought it was going to be an easy piece of cake but I had to pay attention to what was going on. When I accomplished the gorge I felt like I win the was against the rocks in the water!” Maisie

“When I first saw the gorge I thought it was going to be easy but I saw it leader Tommaso and it was quite tricky. My favorite part was crossing the waterfall and climb on Marie feet to cross over”. Onny

“When you go into the gorge it was challenging to make you way up because it was uneven, there were branches in the way and the current was strong. After you finish the gorge I felt I accomplished something I fell amazed”. Samuel

“When I was about to walk in the gorge I felt nervous. Then I went the gorge and felt nervous and then I saw the waterfall and I felt even more nervous. We were walking across the roots and stones to reach the waterfall. I felt proud when I finished”. Tommy

“When I first saw the gorge I felt quite excited then I realised it was going to be more challenging than I thought. I got nervous as I watched people in front of me climb up. When we finished it I felt proud that I accomplished reaching the top. I enjoyed it!” Gabriela

“I felt cold, spongy, wet when I got into the gorge and it got worse when we got further in. I was happy I didn’t fall and didn’t bang my head of a tree. I got to the top with a rope and I felt proud!”Katie

“I was very proud to watch everyone try their best, sometimes they feel down, not once, it twice sometimes more! Children had to wait along time and everyone was patient and respectful towards each other. It was a pleasure to work with the group”. Mrs McIntyre


Adventurous Group 3

This morning Group 3 headed out into the hills. Here are some of their thoughts…

“I liked getting muddy and wet, because we wouldn’t get told off!” Zak

“I enjoyed going down the water drain that we used as a slide! I felt happy that I finally got muddy!” Nicole

“Normally I wouldn’t want to go for a walk up a mountain but I thought I should give it a go and it was good fun. I liked the environment!” Naomi

“I liked climbing over trees because I really like climbing trees. I also like all the mud!” Elaina

“I have enjoyed going in the forest because usually I wouldn’t go there for a walk. I enjoyed seeing the trees, leaves and rocks. One of the rocks was made of quartz.” Aryan

“I enjoyed the big walk today. My favorite bit was the water slide. I was a bit nervous but I loved it! I’m excited for this afternoon to do some kayaking!” Gabriela

“This morning I thought it walk was very fun, exciting. We saw lots of waterfalls. I thought the waterfalls  were amazing. We told each other some riddles and we explored dens that groups have made in the past.” Lloyde

“We went into the woods, we had to follow the string it led up to a dentist and we had to fight our way through thick bushes. It led to thick mud and Zak lost his boot in it! So we went through a slide and the water was freezing cold.” Lewis

“I found the walk very interesting because I got to experience different things. We got to climb up a waterfall and slide down a pipe. It was really fun! I’m excited to kayak this afternoon! I’ve never done it before!” Mackena

“I enjoyed going through the water tunnel because it was good experiencing something new. My highlight was solving tricky riddles set by Jamie. I’m looking forward to kayaking because I’ve never done it before and I like being in water” Aila-Noor

“Group 3 have been a pleasure to work with this morning so enthusiastic and keen. Can’t wait for kayaking!” Mr Burgess

First impressions of Benmore

Primary 7 have arrived safely! Here are our first impressions…

‘benmore is massive so many rooms! They have massive Redwood trees outside!’ Hannah T

”’ got really excited when I saw Benmore because it looked like a haunted Mansion! I’m impressed with how big it is’ Imman

‘Benmore is a place where you can never get bored because you can go on adventures and explore with your friends” Annie

“I’ve been wanting to come to Benmore since P4. Now it’s here is a great opportunity and I’m excited to go abseiling tomorrow” Neve

“When you have the opportunity to do things like this which doesn’t happen very often it feels great to achieve something special” Jack

“It gives you the opportunity to have fun whilst learning” Kirsten

“It’s hard not to be excited about benmore because you know you are going to do something exciting the next day” Ash

“It’s amazing that the learning staff spend their time helping us to achieve the goals we wouldn’t think we could achieve ,” Ben

“Free time is fun!” Ryan


New Session Information

A very warm welcome to all at the start of our new session and the opening of our home on Duddingston Road.

For Monday pupils should enter the school by the entrance on Hamilton Drive or Duddingston Road,close to the new Nursery. Staff should be on hand to direct pupils to their lines in the playground,where they will line up at the back of the school as there is no entrance at the front of the school.

New P1 pupils will begin at 9.15am.

Please note that Police have requested that Parents/Carers do not use Duddingston Road for parking,dropping off & pickup and to encourage walking.