Daily Active Schools Challenges

Active Schools are launching their A-Z activities today, starting with the letter A.  You can find the challenges either on twitter, see link below or the Join in Edinburgh webpage, see link below.



We thought you might like to share the links with your networks.



Fab website for home learning – www.discoveryeducation.co.uk

When visiting http://www.discoveryeducation.co.uk, select the section called ‘espresso’ and login using these details:

Username: student11649

Password: butter

You can access resources for all areas of the curriculum.

Espresso has some really useful materials for Coding and STEM work.

P.1 is part of Early Level but if you are looking for more challenge, have a look at First Level. Enjoy!

How can I help with writing, when my child struggles to write independently?!

From Mrs Mitchell, Support for Learning Teacher.

It’s tricky for children who are in the early stages of literacy to write several sentences (or even one!) without help. But you can build these skills together.

Try some ‘old-fashioned’ dictation, brought up to date by the Literacy and Dyslexia Service. The children who come to Support for Learning are used to this process, and will keep you right! All you need to do is think of a short sentence containing some of the spelling patterns they’re currently focusing on, and follow the steps (making your voice as silly as possible!).


P.1 – Learning new sounds

Watching child-friendly film clips online is a fun and useful way to help your child learn new sounds and boost their word building skills.

Youtube has lots of great videos available. In class, we always watch ‘Geraldine the Giraffe’. Just add the sound of the week to your Youtube search and enjoy Geraldine’s antics!

Other good sources on Youtube are:

Ash’s Phonics

Mr Thorne

Jolly Phonics


Have fun with phonics everyone – try writing a list of words you see on the clips you watch for the week’s sounds then challenge your child to find more in the books you read. Warning – it can become addictive!