Tea with SLT

Yesterday we had our first Tea with SLT of the new term. Beth and Aisling from P5 came to see us, Beth has thought of excellent questions for her new topic on Scottish Firsts, exploring inventors from our own country. Aisling thought very carefully about the meaning of Nurture, one of our core values, and shared her insights with her class.

Ibrahim in P6 has been a positive and encouraging team player in PE and a supportive and helpful peer in class. Laia from P6B has made an extra special effort to write in cursive handwriting, well done.

Ahmad in Primary 4 has been working really hard to improve his reading and has been making good progress in adding by carrying numbers. From P3, Armaan has been working very hard to improve his handwriting in class with evenly sized letters staying within the lines.

Well done to all our Tea with SLT visitors this week, I hope you enjoyed your cup of juice and chocolate biscuits! Keep up the good work!

Magic of Music – Primary 1

Today Primary 1 enjoyed a visit from Coranne from The Magic of Music. We sang songs together and enjoyed doing the actions.

Some of the songs we sang were the Hello Song, The Wiggles Song, Sally Goes Round The Moon and The Farmer Plants His Seeds.

‘I really did like it because we did loads of singing and it made me feel happy!’ Georgie

‘I loved the singing because it makes me feel very happy.’ Evie

‘That was fun!’ Luca

‘I liked it because it was magical!’ Ailsa

‘I liked singing because it made me feel happy.’ Alex

‘I liked the teacher! She was so much fun!’ Albie

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Spelling Home Learning Booklet – Term 2

P7 are trying to be more environmentally friendly and thinking of different ways to cut down the volume of paper we use in school. As a result, our home learning booklets are going to be online from this term as a trial.

Please find attached the spelling booklet for P7 for term 2. Tasks are to be completed and signed as normal in pupil home learning jotters. Thank you for your continued support.

Spelling – Term 2

P2 celebrate St John’s Feast Day

P2A were learning about St John the Evangelist this week. They were able to recall facts and depict different scenes from St John’s life through drama.

St John was the only apostle when Jesus died on the cross- Lily

St John wrote a bit of the bible- Mette

St John was the only apostle when Jesus Christ was dead- Lorenzo

St John was picked by Jesus – Leitiza

He was in a fisherman boat and he was getting fish and Jesus helped him get more and more fish- Lois D

He was the patron saint of artists- Ana

When St John was put in oil he stayed alive- Carly