St John’s students celebrate Switch Off Fortnight to save energy in school

St John’s RC Primary has partnered with EDF Energy’s education programme The Pod to celebrate Switch Off Fortnight this November. More than 1,700 schools across the UK are joining in the action.

Over the fortnight, students will save energy by monitoring usage in class and following a class pledge. ECO reps will run an energy audit and identify where energy is wasted. The fortnight is designed to get young people to think about the ways they use energy, as well as sparking an early interest in science and engineering.

As part of the campaign, St John’s received a free Switch Off Fortnight pack including posters, stickers, keyring and certificates. ECO reps will be our Switch off monitors and will play a key role in making sure classes follow their pledges to save valuable energy in the school.

Robyn Thorn, EDF Energy’s Education Programme Manager said

“Switch off Fortnight, now in its ninth year is always very popular with both teachers and students. We’re always proud and delighted with the extremely positive feedback we get from teachers who tell us that the campaign is fun for students, whilst sparking energy saving behaviour and making a real difference to their school’s energy bill.”

At schools can find lesson plans, games, and practical activities linked to the national curriculum as well as ‘take it home’ sheets so students can share what they have learnt about energy with their families.

For more information on EDF Energy’s The Pod, visit and click on the Campaigns section.

Benmore 2017: Day 3 – Kayaking

On our final full day at Benmore (yesterday), some of our learners had the chance to do some kayaking on the beautiful Loch Eck. Here were some of their highlights:

James L – “I enjoyed playing the ball game with the kayaks at the end!”

Toby – “I enjoyed kayaking because it was a new experience!”

James G – “I enjoyed trying to balance whilst standing in my kayak and falling in the water!”

Grant – “I enjoyed learning to control the kayak.”

Brandon – “I enjoyed playing the ball game at the end.”

India – “I enjoyed trying to stand up in the kayak and falling in.”

Julia – “I enjoyed the variety of activities we did out in the water with our kayaks.”

Chiara – “I enjoyed learning how to paddle, turn and reverse with my kayak.”

Lewis – “I enjoyed learning how to turn on the spot.”

Danny – “I enjoyed winning the ball game at the end of the session.”

After a leaving disco in the evening, the pupils are up bright and early ready to head home this morning!

ECO meeting 2nd November 2017

ECO meeting Thursday 2nd November

REGISTER Absences/apologies – Julia, Joe, Himmat, Kerry & Misha (at camp), Emilia, Anna , Skye (at PE)

Welcome – Mr Burgess welcomed the reps and recapped our challenge from last month. We were asked to create a new ECO code for the school. 9 Eco codes were presented to the group and the reps who were present voted for their favourite. Hannah’s acrostic poem was chosen by most ECO reps and will be displayed in all the classrooms in the school. The other 8 ECO codes will be proudly displayed on the ECO board.

ECO rep Photos – Reps had their photo taken and these will be displayed on the ECO board.

Sophie joined the ECO group in place of Ava who left the school last week.

Issues in school – Our next challenge is to ensure every class takes part in the Big Switch Off, which runs from 20th November – 3rd December. Pupil reps were asked to speak to their class and come up with a pledge to help save energy. Reps should write the pledge down and send it to Mr Burgess so he can display all the pledges on the large poster at the front reception.

Next meeting aims – Big Switch Off – 20th November – Class reps to come up with a pledge for their class.

Next meeting Early December 2017

Benmore 2017: Day 2 – Abseiling and Climbing

Today at Benmore, some of our pupils got the chance to take part in some abseiling and use the excellent indoor climbing wall. While some of the pupils were apprehensive beforehand, it was a positive, enjoyable experience for everyone, as can be seen in their reflections:

Freya – “I enjoyed having the freedom to choose how high I wanted to climb.”

Niamh – “I enjoyed that were no limits or expectations for how far we had to climb.”

Misha – “I enjoyed that I could choose whichever level of difficulty I wanted.”

Sean – “I enjoyed abseiling down the high quarry!”

Humza – “I enjoyed the freedom I had during abseiling and climbing.”

Nicholas – “I loved abseiling down the 50ft quarry and climbing up the steep indoor climbing wall.”

Fred – “I enjoyed the abseiling because I managed to overcome my fears.”

Liam – “I enjoyed abseiling and climbing because while I was nervous at the start, I felt good at the end.”

Kerry – “I enjoyed having a great first experience on a climbing wall and overcoming my fear to start with!”

Aaron – “I enjoyed being able to practice on the different climbing walls and improving my skills.”

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow!

All Saints Feast Day Mass

This morning, staff and pupils joined parishoners in St Mary Magdalene’s RC church to celebrate the Feast of All Saints. The children sang beautifully and responded well throughout the mass. Children confidently offered answers to Father Jock’s questions and the pupil councillors read very proficiently on the altar. Primary 5 and 6 helped the younger children to and from mass and we managed to avoid much of the rain. Thank you to everyone in the parish who helped organise the mass and to the musicians who led the hymns today.