Eco Meeting – Wednesday 7th November

  • Register: Absent/apologies: Oceane, John, Daniel, Murray
  • Welcome – Mr Burgess welcomed the reps and explained that he has collected all the evidence from last year and sent it to Keep Scotland Beautiful to apply for a new Eco Flag. We expect that we will hear back from them soon and hopefully we will have a nice new flag to fly on our new flagpole next to the Astro pitch. Mr Burgess explained that he is going to focus on other things this year, and that Ms Mitchell will be helping to organise the eco committee. He thanked everyone for their work so far and told the reps that he is excited to see their work this year.
  • Aims of the Group – We looked at the Ten Topics that we can explore this year in our Eco meetings. Ms Mitchell introduced the Environmental Review – a document which will help us to choose what topic we will focus on this year. Reps will help Ms Mitchell to complete this over the coming weeks.
  • Ideas from the reps – Some reps shared some ideas that they already have for making the school more eco-friendly. Ellen highlighted that litter can be an issues, and Gabriella and Hannah suggested a litter picking group. This is something we will think about and discuss next meeting. Gabriella asked if reps could have badges so that everyone knows they are the reps, Ms Mitchell explained that she will have them ready for next meeting.
  • Work for next meeting – Ms Mitchell gave out some examples of Eco-Codes, reps can use these as inspiration to design their own. We will review them next meeting and decide on one to be displayed around the school.
  • Some reps needed to leave early, but photographs were taken of the remaining reps to go on the Eco board. Ms Mitchell will take photos of the other reps at a later date.

Next meeting will be in early December 2018

Primary 4 Creating & Designing Games

Primary 4

Creating & Designing Games

Primary 4a & 4b have been working together in small groups to create & design games.

They were all encouraged to use their own ideas, share with each other and make decisions to plan a game.

Each group had to ensure their game contained the following:

  1. Physical activity
  2. Challenging movement
  3. Name
  4. Aim

They then helped the class to learn and play their game, received feedback, reflected and (if required) adapted the game.

Game Names
Cross Tig

Bean Bag Boom Boom

Up & Down & Round & Round

Alien Astronauts

Junior Dodge Ball

Tennis Dodge


King of the Ring

Swirly Wirly Guessy Who

Dodge Run


Here are some thoughts on their learning:

‘It’s hard to get things right the first time’

‘we are learning to be in a group and listen to each other’

‘we have to try things out and sometimes make changes’

‘It’s ok to copy’

‘to make sure the game is not just about winning’

‘we need to incorporate everyone’s ideas’

‘we need to think more about organising the game for the whole class’

‘we are learning different movements’

‘we are learning to work together’

‘ to be creative’





P7 and P1 research dinosaurs together

Primary 7 spent Monday afternoon working with their buddies in Primary 1 to learn about dinosaurs. The senior pupils prepared a short book creator about their favourite dinosaur and after sharing this with P1, the children worked well together to find out about another creature.

Working together using Book Creator, children shared their understanding of how to create a new page, add text and a picture.

Primary 7 pupils were amazed by the ability of their buddies to work independently after only a short amount of time and were delighted with the finished work.

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P7 Learning review week beginning 29th October

Last Monday morning we learned about earthquakes, in maths it was about chimney sums Decimals we also did a morning challenge and everyone was happy and exited to do it .After break we did book creator about dinosaur for our p1 buddy and natural disaster. Then we had a CHATTY lunch. When we came back in we did a bit of finishing of time and Eric time and finished off Book creator, then it was hymn practice till the end of the day.
Tuesday we did maths again in the morning till break after break we did Nelson Comprehension about Marley’s Ghost and it was really quiet in the class room, then it was lunch time when we came back from lunch everyone was tired so we did some ERIC time, then it was time to do Natural Disasters on time line of an earthquake for the end of the day.
Wednesday we did the same routine as usual maths ,then we went outside to play but the teacher said would you like to do a tour for people looking at our school and it took half an hour, then I had to go back and do art and that took half an hour. Then it was lunch time and we all were so hungry. After that we did PE and art of the day of the dead and it was fun then everyone in class went to PE.
Thursday morning we went to Saint Mary Magdalene’s Church with our buddies there were reads and people doing offertory then we went back to school, we had a late break after we did elections for Pupil Council and Eco Rep and the people who won for Pupil Council was Aila-Noor, Skye and Anna, the people who won for Eco was Ellabay and Mackena everyone enjoyed our talk. It was lunch after lunch we had ERIC time then we worked in partners to do internet safety and we did that till the end of the day.
Friday morning we did some finishing off time till break, after break we went to assembly and some people went to choir and in assembly we were talking about steak.
That was our week and it was a bit tough but it was fun.
By Zahra and Aila-Noor