P6A Predict General Election result

Primary 6A held their own General election on Thursday 1st June after watching the main parties political broadcasts and discussing each of their manifestos. The children received their own registration card which they took to the polling station and exchanged for a ballot card. Each child voted for one party and then posted their ballot into the box. The results were announced today to the class and if they mirror the real election in Edinburgh then Labour would take the seat.

The full results were as follows:

Labour 12 votes

SNP 8 votes

Green Party 4 votes

Liberal Democrats 1 vote

Conservative Party 1 vote

UK Indpendence Party 0 votes

The children commented that they felt they were making a real decision and that they were nervous by the prospect of voting. It was great that the children engaged in the topic so well and have demonstated a good understanding of the democratic process.

St John’s buzzing about ECO morning

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On a cloudy but dry Friday morning, St John’s pupils brought colour to our ECO morning as they dressed in every colour of the rainbow to celebrate our annual ECO gathering.

Nursery dressed as bumblee bees to start off our celebrations and this year’s theme was of course ‘Save the Bees!’. Each class paraded their handiwork with some amazing efforts from the pupils and ECO reps shared fascinating facts and bee jokes with the audience.  The St John’s school choir treated us to a fantastic musical interlude whilst we ate our ice creams.

It was a great morning celebrating our ECO work and spreading the message ‘Save the Bees!’, well done everyone!