Parent association


Members of the Parent Council
Chair:             Kirsty McWilliam
Vice-chair:   Patrick Rovers
Treasurer:      Gerry Gallagher
Secretary:      Elaine Wilson
Church Rep: Catherine McAnenny
Class Reps
  • Morning nursery: Amy Allen
• Afternoon nursery: Bernie Murphy
• 1A: Jenny Ramsay
• 1B: Victoria Beveridge
• 2A: Angie Lovie and Nicola d’Agostino
• 2B: Lesley Pacitti
• 3A: Donna Cochrane
• 3B: Carmen Chalmers
• 4A: Karen MacIvor
• 4B: Natalie Welsh
• 5A: Pauline Miller
• 5B: Lindsay Drybrough
• 6A: Kate Barclay
• 6B: Sharon Livingstone
• 7S: tbc
• 7J: tbc
Where there are no contact details given, you can email Elaine Wilson ( who will forward your message.
Parent Council Meeting Dates


Over the last few years, meetings have taken place at 6.30pm on Tuesdays in the school staff room. In order to allow parents who find it difficult to get out in the evenings to attend, we are thinking of having some meetings on a Friday morning. For Term 1, we have scheduled one meeting for a Tuesday night, and one for a Friday morning. Once we see what works best, we will confirm the dates for the rest of the year.
All parents are welcome to attend and reminders will be put in the school newsletter and on the Facebook page.
Agenda items should be forwarded to the Secretary at least 7 days before the meeting.
Summer Fair 23rd May (tbc)
We have a Facebook page: St John’s Portobello RC Primary School – Parent Council Page