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Term 1 literacy in P5A

P5A are exploring creative writing this term using the BIG writing programme. This involves the children working each week to develop various aspects of their writing skills. BIG writing focuses on 4 main aspects of writing development. These are known as VCOP. Vocabularly, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation. The children in P5 will explore examples of work by authors and writers and identify good examples of VCOP. They will also work to ‘uplevel’ their own work over the course of the term and add greater detail and structure.In addition to this P5 will also be given opportunities to write for a purpose. This is crucial in creating a desire and motivation to produce the best writing possible. So far our pupils have been given the opportunity to compose a letter to someone they admire, and these will be sent all over the world from London to Spain, from the USA to Brazil.We have received 8 responses to our letters so far, which has thrilled the children!

Joe Hart responded to Pierino with a letter, signed photograph and a list of tips for goalkeeping.

Tom Jackson wrote a thoughtful letter to Elsie in response to her questions.

Her Majesty the Queen sent two letters, one to Antonio and another to Sophie.

David Beckham sent an autographed photograph to Rian.

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