P3B Class Learning Diary

P3B Learning Diary 6th November
This week in class 3B we learned about fireworks. We know that Bonfire night celebrates Guy Fawkes being caught trying to blow the Houses of Parliament.
We started learning about festivals. We learned a little about Hanukkah. Hanukkah celebrates the miracle of the oil in the temple lamp which lasted 8 days.
We made Dreidels and played during golden time with them.
This week is anti-bullying week, we watched a film in assembly and we talked about the importance of ‘respecting’ one another.
We were learning to take away from 2 digit numbers in maths this week.
We also learned about the 5 symbols of Baptism. These are candle, water, oil, shawl and the cross.
In RE we prayed for members of our family who have died. We made crosses with their names and decorated them. We will remember them each day during November.

P3B Learning Diary week beginning 26th Oct

This week we did a common word spelling test. We completed the first 50 common words. Any words we found tricky we will go over in class each week.

On Wednesday we went on a Minibeast hunt. We used tally marks to keep a total of the creatures we found. We are making a large class graph to show how mini beast friendly our garden is.

In maths we focused on subtraction within 20. We were set a Sumdog competition for our homework.

We learned about forces by making a Jack in the box. We push down the jack in the box and it springs back up. We found it tricky to fold the box but Harry was a superstar!

We wrote spooky Halloween poems using a template. We changed the creature in the poem and the noise it might make so they were all individual.

We worked together in groups to make our own collage witches. We were set the challenge of making a witch using only paper. We had to include a broomstick, cat and witch to be successful. We worked well together in our groups.

We learned about getting the right help for our friends in the playground. We completed a worksheet in our groups and discussed the beast ways to help someone outside.

We also dressed up for Halloween assembly, some children told jokes to the school.

Taylor won Class Dojo for the month of October with Liam, Lorena and Jaxson all close behind!


25th September 2015

This week in class we learned about Superheroes. We wrote stories about our superheroes using pictures to help us. In ICT we also used Word to write about our Superheroes.

We used sand trays and whiteboards and jotters to help us improve our handwriting. This week we were revising the letter ‘z’.

We composed a prayer for Peace and thought about World Peace Day.

We learned a French song for European day of language. We sang Alloutte, gentile alloutte. We sang it in front of the whole school on Friday.

We also learned about managing our behaviour and how the actions of others can make us feel.

We also elected our ECO reps this week. Sam and Harry we chosen as ur P3 reps.