Bella Bella Mozzarella

P7’s culinary skills have no end! On the menu this week, ‘pasta al forno’, literally translating as pasta in the oven.

Pupils worked together in teams to measure and boil pasta, mix with a tomato sauce before adding plenty of creamy mozzarella and grana padano cheese. Fresh basil leaves were the finishing touch before being baked in the oven.

Everyone worked well to tidy up and lay tables in preparation for our feast. Bravi tutti e buon appetito!!

Junior Masterchef 2019

Primary 7 have enjoyed making a variety of savoury and sweet dishes over the last couple of weeks! We made pizzas with the help of Nonno Pacitti’s tomatoes all the way from Italy. They turned out fantastico! This week we had a bash at making cupcakes. It was a mixed success. Let’s just say Primary 7 are better at cracking jokes than eggs. They are a super creative year group and love the challenge that cooking brings. We look forward to honing our skills this year.