P2 Learning about Day & Night

Primary 2 Have been learning about Day and Night

We learnt about the Sun, it is a star. It shines on the Moon and it reflects the light for us to see.

We see the Sun in the day and the Moon at night. 

The Earth takes one day to spin around.  The Moon takes a whole month to go around the Earth.

The Earth takes one whole year to travel around the Sun.

We learnt how we get day and night. The Earth spins around so the Sun lights up one half that is daytime, and the other half is dark it is night time there. Then it spins around and swaps. When it is day in Scotland it is night in Hong Kong. The Sun is in the middle and all the planets go around it.

All the things we did today were fun, it was fun and interesting.

Written by

Natalie, Tess, Corrin and Michael

Autumn Walk

In the nursery we have been talking about the season of Autumn and what we can see around us that tells us it’s Autumn time. We have been collecting conkers, berries, seeds and leaves and studying them with the magnifying glasses in the nursery.

So today we all went for a walk around Figgate Park to see what Autumn treasures we could find and to look at the Autumn colours. In the morning the whole nursery went out, including the Two’s room. The afternoon group went out later this afternoon as well and found lots of things that show us it really is Autumn!

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P7 Hokusai art study

P7 are looking in detail into different techniques that an artist like Hokusai may use to create work.

first of all ,the class looked carefully at some of the artists work and did some observational drawings , looking at shape, form, line and balance .

They then chose a piece to develop further using watercolour paint techniques