Spring in P.1

P.1 have been planting bulbs and seeds this week and thinking about the conditions the plants need to grow. They have been labelling plant diagrams to learn about the different parts of a plant and what each part does.

Today we enjoyed Book World Day and listened to stories and wrote about a favourite part of the story and drew a picture. Many of P.1 used a potato to paint and decorate and turn into their favourite book character.

P3 parrots

P3 looked carefully at vines and plants in the rainforest, how the light gets in from the high canopies and their is darkness lower down . They then created their own habitat background for their parrots . They used oil pastels to shade and highlight the branches to look 3D .

The class then looked carefully at the beautiful colours and feathers of parrots and chose one they would like to try and replicate with coloured pastels .

Great work p3!