P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 01.04.19

We have had a great last week of term! We have been learning about the events of Holy Week, and drew our own versions of Leonardi Da Vinci’s Last Supper painting. We sequenced the stations of the cross and learnt about the significance of Good Friday, and then made comic strips to show the Easter story.

In PE we did some more free play, using equipment to create our own games. We collaborated with each other very well, and worked hard on our communication skills. We also did a fun run around Figgate Park, with each learner donating an Easter egg for the food bank as entry to the fun run. Well done for your generous donations!

We finished off our maths topics, with Miss Sinclair’s group looking at following compass directions this week, and Ms Mitchell’s group doing their division topic assessment (well done team!).

We got the chance this week to present our ‘Welcome to P5’ Book Creator e-books, animations and posters this week. Everyone presented clearly and confidently, and we were so impressed by the quality of your work.

Well done to everyone in P5 for being such hard-working, engaged and kind learners this term. We hope you enjoy your Easter holidays!

By Ms Mitchell and Miss Sinclair

P7 Learning Blog 5th April 2019

by Lola and Lorcan


This week it was April Fools Day. We had lots of fun joking around with our friends.

We did a test in French were we guessed peoples ages, it was really fun! We learnt about plant reproduction, and different parts of the flower.

For the past couple weeks we have been working on our WW2 production, and the 1940s dance. It has been lots of fun but has also been very hard. We are really excited for the final performance! We think it will go very well.

On Thursday, we had a fun run with our buddies. It was really nice walking with them round the pond.

We also had a Lenten Service with Father Jock.

Cluster Pupil Council Meeting a great success

Primary 6 and 7 Pupil council representatives met their cluster peers at Holyrood High yesterday and had a very informative and successful conversation about how children are involved in the life of the school. Mr Hunter, Headteacher at St Catherine’s, was delighted with the contribution from all our reps and thought the children were a credit to their cluster schools.

Aila-Noor worked with Mrs Wilson and other Pupil council reps to explore school mission statements whilst the other reps supported by staff and pupils from the High school shared examples of clubs after school, opportunities to learn about the world of work and how pupil voice is used in school.

Well done to all the St John’s Pupil Council representatives who attended yesterday, we are very proud of you all!

P4a’s trip to Dynamic Earth

We went to Dynamic Earth to take part in a workshop on Weather. This linked into our learning about the Water Cycle for our Water topic this term.

We learned that the sun makes our weather and that the water cycle is an important part of the weather.  We made mini tornadoes inside a bottle of water and we created static electricity with balloons and looked at how this causes lightning.

Then we had a tour around the different places in Dynamic Earth.  Some of us liked the volcano and the way the ground was shaking, but some of us found it a bit scary.

We all liked the iceberg and had great fun touching it and seeing how ice and glaciers have made some of the Scottish landscape.

We watched a 3D film about different parts of the Earth like the desert and the rainforest.  Everything seemed so close and some of us were trying to touch the animals.

We finished our tour in the rainforest and found out about some of the rainforest animals. By this point we were very hungry and we were glad it was time for lunch.

We finished our trip in the showdome and watched what happened at the big bang.

By P.4a


Pupil Absent Notification

This morning an alert went out to all parents advising that their child was not in attendance at school. This was sent out in error, we believe caused by a technical glitch and we would like to apologise for any distress and inconvenience caused. A further message has been sent to advise parents about this error, if you have any concerns please contact the school office.