Bella Bella Mozzarella

P7’s culinary skills have no end! On the menu this week, ‘pasta al forno’, literally translating as pasta in the oven.

Pupils worked together in teams to measure and boil pasta, mix with a tomato sauce before adding plenty of creamy mozzarella and grana padano cheese. Fresh basil leaves were the finishing touch before being baked in the oven.

Everyone worked well to tidy up and lay tables in preparation for our feast. Bravi tutti e buon appetito!!

P6 Learning Log – Week Beginning 16.09.19

It was a great start to the week because we had a Monday holiday!

When we came back to school on the Tuesday, we did Early Intervention, which was all about Internet Safety. We watched a video about a man who was pretending to be someone he wasn’t online, it made me more aware of how careful you have to be.

In PE, we have been playing rugby. This week, we were put into teams and were assigned a country. We did training for our own rugby world cup and started our pre-season by playing other teams and creating our own celebrations.

On Wednesday, we did some imaginative writing, we enjoyed using interesting vocabulary to describe a hideous beast. Check out our blog post about it here.

As part of our focus on the solar system, we watched an informative documentary about the planets. During the afternoon, we were surprised with a yummy space cake! It was delicious! We then spent Friday making posters or leaflets about planets to show off our learning.

We have had a fun week!

By Iona and Louise

From soil to plate, a beetroot’s tale

Tana, our infectiously enthusiastic gardener has helped children harvest from our raised beds and use the crops to create delicious and colourful culinary creations this term. Working with interested and inquisitive children during lunchtime and small groups from P3 and P4 after break, Tana has encouraged children to explore planting, caring and harvesting of vegetables.

The soup created by Tana and the children from across various stages within the school was served during lunches today and was very popular! Thank you Tana for your great work with our pupils, thank you to the children who worked so hard to create the lovely soup and thanks also to our dedicated kitchen staff who helped cook the soup for today.