March Eco Meeting – 19.03.19

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• Red Nose Day: The group evaluated the nose painting that we did for Comic Relief on Friday. We agreed that it had been really popular and we were really proud to have raised over £55, so well done to all involved! The group also agreed that we should do it again next year, but will think a bit more carefully about how we manage the lines for it.

• Eco Noticeboard: We now have our eco board up and running, and hopefully all teachers are displaying the eco code in their classrooms. We discussed ways in which we share eco news with the rest of the school, and reps need to chat to their teachers and come up with a way of communicating with their class. Amelia and Filip suggested using the whiteboards in the classroom to write news on. Some reps suggested having small boards in other places around the school, with basic information on. Oceane and Oona suggested having pictures of the reps and their names, and Mackena added that we could have a brief description of what the group does. Gabriela also suggested adding information about the group to the main eco board.

• Earth Hour 2019: We are keen to get involved in the WWF’s Earth Hour on Saturday 30th March, following Oona’s amazing poster success (look out for it on Lothian buses throughout March!). We had several suggestions from our reps but have decided to have a competition that will be open to anyone in the school, keep your eyes peeled for more information coming soon! John suggested that we keep everyone up to date with Earth Hour and what we are doing for it by taking photos for the school website and Twitter.

• Badges: The group were all given badge templates and discussed what should be on their badges.

• For next meeting: Eco reps should have made their badges and will be wearing them to show everyone that they are the reps. If any rep has anything they would like to add to the noticeboard about what the eco group is or why it is important, they can give it to Ms Mitchell or bring it to the next meeting.

P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 18.03.19

On Monday this week we continued making French food menus. When we finished them, we got into partners, and one of us pretended to be a customer while the other one pretended to be a server. The customer ordered off the menu and the server took our order and counted up the total in Euros.

We have been writing springtime stories. On Tuesday we wrote the first paragraph using a ‘roll your own adventure’ sheet. You had to roll a dice four times, and the numbers told you where and when it should be set, who the main character should be, and what the main plot should be. We finished writing the stories on Thursday, making sure they had lots of dialogue, similes and descriptive adjectives.

We also started SRA comprehension this week. Last week we filled in a test sheet which determined what level we start at. This week Ms Mitchell and Miss Sinclair told us what colour of comprehension sheet we should take. We each got a card which suited our level, and read through it and answered questions.

On Wednesday we learnt about Nowruz, which is Persian New Year. We learnt about their special table called a haftseen, which has special items on it, and learnt that people celebrate by jumping over fire.

In maths we have been focusing on division, and all the maths groups have moved onto using written strategies. It has been tricky but it is rewarding when you understand how to do it!

By Lucy and Ben

Go Kart Build Update

Yesterday we were attaching the seat to the Kart and we have also started to attach the rollcage. We are beginning to see how the Go Kart will look after it is built. There a few things to do yet, including the wiring and check the steering and a general quality inspection.

We would appreciate the services of a mechanic or someone mechanically minded to help us with our final checks some time after Easter!

P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 11.03.19

This week we made our own French menus. Firstly, we looked at French menus, then we used the information we had learned to create our own menus. We learnt that some foods are spelt the same as food in English. We liked that we could make our design of the menu in any way we wanted.

We also did an experiment to investigate sound waves. We used instruments to make noises, and watched how they caused vibrations, and we made noise next to a drum with rice on it and watched as the rice moved.

As part of the 40 acts of kindness this Lent, we wrote thank you cards to the support staff of St John’s. The activity was to write a letter to someone we appreciate. We learned that when you show someone gratitude they will show gratitude back. We really enjoyed writing to someone we know and appreciate.

By Dawid and Lochlan