P2A – Book Week Scotland

P2A had a fantastic time celebrating Book Week Scotland last week. Along with P3 and P4 we focused on the book Look Up! by Nathan Bryon. This book came from the P3 Read, Write, Count bag. We did a character study of Rocket, the main character, and wrote our own adventure stories about her. In lots of our stories Rocket travelled to space and explored. We also did a draw-along session with the illustrator of the book, Dapo Adeola. We were extremely excited when both Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola liked and commented on photographs of our work on the school Twitter page!

P2A also spent time reading the books in their own Read, Write, Count bags. This week we have been focusing on Rocketmole by Matt Carr. The children brought their book bags home on Monday and have been reading the story at home and imagining what would happen if Rocketmole came to Figgate Park on his world tour. Today we took our writing lesson to Figgate Park working with a partner to plan an adventure for him. In our stories he has had a great time chatting to swans and squirrels, building a boat to use on the water and climbing trees. Some writers introduced sharks and whales to the pond – very exciting! We love our trips to Figgate Park, the children are always so engaged in their outdoor learning.

P3A discuss the pros and cons of technology

Ana- If you watch something on the tablet too much you can get addicted and not want to get off

Lois D- When you are on iPad three hours could pass and then you would forget to have dinner and do important things

Letizia- your phone reminds you of when it’s someone’s birthday and you can see them during lockdown

Declan- you can connect to people in different houses.

Lila- Using your phone too much can make your eyes hurt.

Lily- You can lose your imagination if you go on your phone or iPad or computer too much

Carly- you can use a phone to help you drive to a place where you don’t know