Introducing the Big Battery Hunt

Hello, our names are Hannah and Gabriela, and we are the Primary 7A Eco reps. We are taking part in something called the Duracell Big Battery Hunt and the whole school is involved.

Basically, the idea is to help recycle more batteries so they don’t end up in landfill. This is a real problem because the battery fluid can pollute the earth and affect animals and plants. Every class has received little boxes to go home., one per family, to collect old and used batteries. When the box is full, bring it into school and put the batteries into the box in reception.

Another good thing about this is that once we fill up our big battery box we are entered into a prize draw with all the other schools doing the hunt and we could win some awesome prizes including:

A 2 night trip to the Sustainability centre,

A 3 year subscription to MyMaths worth £1000

£2000 of classroom equipment


And lots of trophies and certificates.

It would be great if you could get involved and bring in some used batteries to go in the battery box and help fill it up so that we can help the planet, (and win some cool prizes) so bring in your batteries today to help!

Thank you!

Gabriela and Hannah P7A



P7 Tree of Knowledge Workshop Review


LI-We are learning to write a review of our workshop

SC-I can  write how I was feeling

I can organise my writing so it makes sense

The workshop was so so fun, at first I didn’t really want to do it but when we got startedI didn’t want to stop. My favourite thing was building a business because I always wanted to make a business. My groups business was a car called suction it was a car that when your driving it would suck up all the litter on the road.

After lunch we built stickle bricks and tried to sell it to Tony [one of the instructors] and if we needed more supplies we would buy them of Cameron[the other instructor].The thing my group found the most challenging was making money because it was really difficult to build the stickle bricks but we eventually got the hang of it.

By Charlie

Yesterday I had the best day ever! It was fantastic, we got to work in groups, we had to design a poster about a product that exists which was fub. We designed a backpack that can turn into a suitcase it comes with a yellow dotted waterbottle (Our group was called Yellow Dot)the workshop was called The Tree of Knowledge.

The next thing we did was to build stickle bricks, it was so hard at first, we got frustrated but that didn’t mean we gave up, we kept trying and we got it right after we sold one we figured how to build it. Soon we were shooting like a ROCKET! We also did a quiz we won first place and second for the poster which was amazing and first place for selling.

We communicated well, used different strategies focused and had fun. The people in my team were Gabriela, she was very good at building which was how we made so many, Ellie who checked it to see it was correct. Nina who also was building Skye who was buying, she was a big help, and me, I was the seller. I had to sell it to the customer, I was polite and I went back and forth everytime.

We had 2 leaders, Cameron and Tony, Tony said I was a zooming cheetah, we played 10 rounds at the end we won $320 fake money, we were so tired but the main thing was that we had so much fun. We hope to do it again!

by Aila-Noor

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Young Engineers

P.4 had 2 visits this month from the young Engineers.

In visit one P.4a talked about going on holiday and how to use a budget. Each group then built a moving conveyor belt for putting their suitcases on at the airport.

For visit two the children learned about exchanging money and about exchange rates for their holiday.  In their groups they built a moving ferris wheel that would be in the theme park on their holiday.

Everything was built with lego and connected to a battery and a motor. The groups had built moving cogs and wheels connected with elastic bands. It was great fun to see everything moving and working.

By P.4a

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P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 04.02.19

This week we had a workshop from Tree of Knowledge, where we learnt about the different sides of us; Mr Right Now and Mr Wait a Minute. Mr Right Now is when you don’t think about things and do them really quickly, and Mr Wait a Minute is thinking and waiting. We enjoyed the games like building the biggest Jenga tower, and we liked winning prizes.

We learnt about Chinese New Year, and enjoyed learning about how it is celebrated.

We peer assessed the Scottish Myth stories that we wrote last week. We liked doing this because we liked reading other people’s myths.

We did a quiz in pairs for Safer Internet day and made posters to tell others how to stay safe online. We liked working in partners with people from the other class.

We were lucky this week to have a basketball taster session organised by Active Schools. We did a few warm up games then got into teams and played against each other. It was really fun, and some of us were keen to join a basketball club after it!

By Harris and Tyler

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