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Farewell Primary 7

On Friday we said goodbye to our outgoing senior pupils. After a fantastic week of celebrations including a New York themed leaver’s disco, Mass celebrated by Father Jock and an end of term Achievement Assembly, the time finally came for the pupils to leave St John’s for the last time.

As a sign of community, the P3-6 pupils gathered on the stairs to watch the P7’s leave the building and a piper waited to greet them as they exited the school for the final time. Parents and guardians clapped as the children stepped out into the playground and later on some of the children gathered for a party on the beach to celebrate this milestone in their lives.

Maisie, one of our P7’s who played for the school football team, presented our Janitor and her coach Mr Mackie with a lovely card before she left. The picture on the front bore an uncanny likeness to Mr Mackie who was clearly delighted with the card, strangely we always thought he was a big Hibee, who would have thought he was a Hearts fan deep down.

We wish each and every one of our Primary 7’s a happy and healthy future, we ask God to bless them as they move onto High School and we are sure they will do themselves and St John’s proud. Step boldly into the future P7!

Achievement Awards 2019

Our final assembly of the session included achievements awarded to outgoing Primary 7 pupils.

Sports boy of the year was awarded to Ben in P7B for outstanding contribution in sport including interscholastics, cross country, House football, school football and representing Edinburgh Select.

Kirsten in P7A was awarded Sports girl, Kirsten not only won a medal in the Interscholastics but also displayed excellent team leadership skills.

Our Endeavour award was presented to Lloyde in P7B, Lloyde always gives 100% and he was delighted to win with his traditional wide smile as he was presented with his trophy.

Rosefield House were presented with the House Football Cup, the winning team was one of three Rosefield teams to make the semi finals this year.

Rosefield also won the House Cup this year as the House who scored the most points at the Upper and Infants sports day.

Well done to all our winners this year, and thank you to everyone who represented our school so well in competition this year.

P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 17.06.19

Since the weather has been nice we have been doing a lot of sports like rounders. In rounders there are two teams, one is the team who bats and the other team are fielders. The bowler throws the ball to the batter who hits it and the fielders have to try to catch it.

On Tuesday we had a STEM workshop with Eileen from Fife College. We had a budget to buy materials with, and had to make something that would protect an egg when dropped from a height. It was difficult but fun, and we worked hard to improve our communication and creative skills.

In maths we have been learning about measurement, and have enjoyed measuring and weighing things around the classroom, and thinking of creative ways we could measure zoo animals!

We also had the last day of our co-operative games workshop on Thursday. We have been discussing how to manage our emotions and playing games to develop our resilience and teamwork.

We also learnt about cellos, and some of us went to workshops to see if we wanted to learn to play with cello next year. We enjoyed listening to lots of different genres of music and considering what emotions music can make us feel.

Finally, we would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who donated money to the WWF at our assembly. We raised a phenomenal £155, which we used to adopt another three animals: an elephant, a dolphin and a jaguar.

Stop Motion Animations

Last week, we taught everyone in Primary 5 how to create stop motion animations using the ‘Stop Motion’ app on the school iPads. We had a task to create an animation about all the causes of animal endangerment. We could choose how we did it; drawing on a whiteboard, using toys or acting it out. It was great, engaging and everyone enjoyed it!

The next day we made another stop motion animation but this time it was about our highlights of Primary 5. Most people chose to do the zoo trip and animal adoption. We also added sound so it was more realistic. Some people managed to get the pictures to go so quickly and smoothly that it really looked like a video!

Everyone got to show their own stop motion animations on the Apple TVs and all of them were great!

By Dawid and Thomas