Tea with SLT 1st April

Well done to our Tea with SLT superstars this week, it was lovely to spend time finding out about your achievements in class.

P1A – Jack Edwards – Tea with SLT For great number work this week

P1B – Kritika – Tea with SLT For fantastic effort in class and a positive attitude towards learning in P1.

P2A – Tartor Tea with SLT – being a good friend, trying hard to complete your work and being creative during choosing time.

P2B – Daisy W – Tea with SLT Amazing progress in your writing, well done!

P3A – Hubert P – Tea with SLT – producing a very descriptive character in literacy and taking time to make sure your writing made sense

P3B – Julian – Tea with SLT for being creative when drawing and colouring your amazing sunflower.

P4A – Ellie – Tea with SLT – your contributions to discussions in RE lessons – excellent preparation for making your First Holy Communion.

P5A – Rishi – Tea with SLT great effort in writing this week and helping others by explaining strategies in maths

P6A – Gabriel Tea with SLT – Writing a fantastic story demonstrating your creativity and focus.

P6B – Amelia Tea with SLT focus and creativity in your writing and always working hard in your learning.

P7A- Daniel W Tea with SLT – A fantastic expressive talk about the history of cartoons

P7B – Oona F – Tea with SLT – A fantastic presentation on fashion through the decades and for achieving full marks in an algebra assessment.

Tea with SLT 3rd December 2021

Congratulations to all our superstars from the last week. They have all been recognised by their teachers for the enormous effort they have put in, whether that is in their work, their attitude or being kind to others.

Enjoying tea or juice and biscuits with Mrs Kelly and Mr Burgess were:

P1 Abiha and Bella 
P2 Emily and Elise 
P3 Ailsa and Carter 
P4 Tess and Dylan 
P5 Jakub and Karol 
P6 Joseph and Oliwia 
P7 Blaine and Zanib 

Well done to them all!

Tea with SLT 19th November

Tea with SLT was a roaring success as children came dressed in their PJs and Pudsey outfits to enjoy a cup of juice and a biscuit. It was lovely to celebrate such a wide range of achievements from P2-7. Well done to all our pupils this week, great job!

P2A Orla – Being a kind and helpful friend. You always bring a smile to their faces

P2B Oliver – Working hard on your sounds and making brilliant progress in reading

P3B Felix – Working hard during numeracy and completing challenging subtraction questions

P4A Declan – For a wonderful presentation all about Sealions

P4B Gaya – An excellent presentation on seahorses. Creative, interesting and confident

P5A Armaan – Working hard in your spelling group and challenging yourself in maths

P5B Aine – Writing a fantastic piece of persuasive writing with very little support, Superstar

P6A Ahmad – Great improvements in reading and reading the class novel aloud in front of peers

P6B Cezary – Consistent focus, determination and positive attitude in your learning

P7A Frankie – For showing great enthusiasm in your report writing on E-Waste

P7B Adrian – Completing an incredible volume of homework on your reading book

Tea with SLT – 12th November

Tea with SLT – 12th November

This was our third week of Tea with SLT and we were delighted to welcome 14 pupils for a cup of juice and a biscuit to celebrate their achievements in class this week. Well done to all the pupils listed below, a super effort from all of you!

P1A Lennon – Excellent ideas about your robot and how it can help the environment

P1B Sienna – Kindness and helpfulness with other pupils

P2A Eden – Always taking time and producing beautiful work

P2B Lewis – Amazing progress in your reading group

P3A Hema – demonstrating kindness by complimenting a member of the dining staff

P3B Leonardo – Concentrating very well to complete challenging numeracy questions

P4A Letizia – Always reading with expression! Well done for reading so beautifully at Mass

P4B Hayden – Working hard in maths – especially with tricky word problems

P5A Thomas – Working hard to create a viking longship as part of a team and writing a fantastic persuasive letter to world leaders about climate change

P5B Hollie -Working hard in class this week and coming up with some great facts and opinions

P6A Vittorio – For excellent work in Maths this week

P6B Evie – Fantastic resilience and hardwork in English and multiplication

P7A James – Contributions to WW2 topic

P7B Kelsey – Super effort and improvement in reading, writing and maths