Parent Council

Welcome to the Parent council. On this page you can find out who we are, what the role of the parent council is, when meetings are and how you can get in touch and get involved.

Who we are:

Chair: Rosie O’Halloran contact email

Secretary: Kate Orton-Johnson contact email

Treasurer: Colm Fitzgerald contact email

Events and fundraising: Claire Barrett contact email

The role of the parent council

The parent council helps parents and carers be involved in their children’s learning. The role of the parent council is to:

  • Help the school in its work with pupils
  • Take account of the views of parents and discuss these with the head teacher and the council
  • Take part in appointing promoted staff
  • Encourage links between the school, parents and carers, pupils, pre-school groups and the community
  • Support the school in developing home and school partnerships
  • Make use of the skills, knowledge and experience that parents can offer

More details on the role of the parent council can be found on the Edinburgh Council Webpages.

Parent Council Meeting Dates

Meetings are currently taking place on Microsoft teams. Minutes of previous meetings are available on the website under the parent council news link.

Agenda items should be forwarded to the Secretary (Kate at least 7 days before the meeting.

Stay in Touch

We use classlist for Parent council communications:


Please join our Facebook group to keep in touch

How you can get involved

All parents and carers of children at the school are more than welcome to join the parent council. You can attend meetings to find out what is going on, what planning is taking place and the ways you can get involved with the school and the activities run by the parent council. We are always looking for helpers and volunteers and we would welcome new parents.

Applying for parent council funding

The Parent Council are keen to support larger initiatives which will make an ongoing difference to pupils at the school and nursery. This application form is designed for larger and ongoing projects. It is intended for support which will cost over £250. Once you apply for support, the Parent Council committee aims to consider your proposal and respond following the next meeting.

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