Packing up and Moving on

Staff said a fond farewell to the pupils at lunchtime today and spent this afternoon packing crates in anticipation for our school move in August.

Teachers and support staff will finish packing tomorrow, Friday, before beginning their annual summer holidays.

Staff will return on the 13th August to begin unpacking in the new school building located at 18 Duddingston Road.

Our countdown calendar on the website homepage is presently 53 days away and this will be the first day of school for children which is Monday 20th August. We look forward to welcoming you to the new St John’s RC primary!

Happy holidays!


P7 Film – What kind of Scotland?


Please see both links below, to the film P7A created in conjunction with Children’s Parliament:  What Kind of Scotland?  We are sure you will agree they were outstanding and did themselves proud. They spoke articulately and respectfully while stating their own views and the rights they adhere to.  The film was launched at a National Conference by the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.  The Scottish Government will upload them onto their site associated with the work on Scotland’s National Outcomes.

Mrs Kelly

ECO meeting notes June 2018

ECO meeting Tuesday 12th June


Apologies –None

Mr Burgess welcomed all the ECO reps to the meeting and explained that the purpose of today’s gathering was to share our evidence of Global Goals that we have gathered over the course of the session.

P3 began by sharing their wonderful litter collecting book which included maths work and also supported SCIAF. Emilia and Murray explained what the children had enjoyed about their challenge and how they had made a difference to the life of the school. Mr Burgess thanked the Primary 3 pupils very much and asked the children to pass on his thanks to their teachers for all their hard work.

Primary 5 shared their Sewage recycling poster and talked about their visit from Mark Keast, manager at the Seafield Sewage works. Both Sam and Teemo spoke clearly as they explained the process of recycling our sewage and the benefits of using the gases to create electricity to run the plant. Mr Burgess thanked the P5 pupils for their input and again passed on his thanks to the Primary 5 teachers.

Primary 6 shared their letters to football companies with the group. These persuasive letters were composed in order to highlight the benefits of Fairtrade and tackle the Reduce Inequalities Global Goal. Hannah, Gabriela, Skye and Anna explained that they had had some responses from companies which weren’t very clear or easy to understand. Mr Burgess thanked the girls for sharing their work with the group.

Primary 7 shared their adverts and posters about renewable energy, Joe, Himmat, Kerry, Misha and Julia all shared their work and explained a little about how Geo thermal energy is a good way of producing renewable energy. The children in the group were able to name the other main renewable energy types including solar, wind, wave and hydro power. Mr Burgess thanked the pupils and their teachers for their work.

Mr Burgess explained that the evidence would be put together with other pieces of work to highlight the ECO teams efforts over the course of this year and last year. This would include pictures from the garden which is looking lovely this year. This would take the form of a Powerpoint which will be submitted to KeepScotlandBeautiful in the hope we would qualify for another Green Flag.

The children talked about the new school and the importance of ensuring no litter was dropped. Lots of ideas were shared about how to make sure children were responsible.

Mr Burgess thanked all the Eco reps for their hard work and closed the final meeting of the year.



P6 enjoy STEM transition visit to Holyrood

P6 enjoyed a great morning of STEM lessons at Holyrood HS as part of the transition process. Children enjoyed making keyrings in DET, exploring light using mirrors and lasers and taking part in active science experiments studying sound.

After a quick march up to the High school children were warmly greeted by staff and S1 pupils. Our guides showed children to their respective classrooms and over the next 2 hours all the children had an opportunity to participate in the four lessons. Parents were invivted to gain an insight into life in Holyrood High School and joined the pupils in some of the science lessons.

Before long it was time to return to school, the children were ready for lunch once they returned and the feedback from both classes has been very positive.

Thank you to all the staff and pupils at Holyrood who made us feel very welcome today, as well as the mums and dads who supported us by walking up and back to school this morning. Your continued support is most appreciated.

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