Building Resilience

Today at assembly we launched our latest Building Resilience Unit ‘Be Kind to Others’.

We focused on three key messages this morning

Firstly, Kindness makes a difference to ourselves and others.

Secondly, Being unkind hurts others, and it hurts us too.

Thirdly, It is important to be kind to yourself.

Over the next few weeks we will continue to talk and learn about Being kind in school and in assembly we will share the acts of kindness our classes have done. We will also think about our fundraising for SCIAF during Lent and this will be another way to show kindness for others.

At home we will try to do an act of kindness every day.  For example we will offer to help someone who is struggling, pay someone a compliment or make someone smile. We also have a home task we can complete and below is a short information leaflet for parents and carers about the Be Kind to Others resilience topic.


Excellent DTIM Mass turnout

Despite horrible wind and rain from Storm Dennis, over 40 children and their families attended the annual Saturday night Vigil Do This In Memory Mass in St John’s church this evening.

This is the second year of the combined Mass for Primary 3 pupils preparing for the sacrament of Reconciliation and Primary 4 learners getting ready for First Communions before summer and the children were a credit to the school and their families in the way they participated during mass, with thoughtful prayers for those in need and some excellent answers to Father Jock’s questions after the Gospel.

Father Jock spoke about rules in school and home and explained that whilst we are meant to keep the Ten commandments Jesus asks us to not be angry with one another and to make good choices.

It was lovely to see the church so busy on such a cold, dark and rainy evening, well done everyone who took part tonight!

RRSA Steering Group

Our Rights Respecting Schools Award Steering Group has recently been formed by pupils from P3-7, adults from partnerships and staff from school.

Children put themselves forward to become a member of the group and shared why they were interested in joining. Members were asked to tell us about someone who inspires them with answers ranging from Sir Alex Ferguson, Anzhelika Terliuga, Darius Rucker, JK Rowling, friends, teachers and family members.

Members were asked why rights were so important. Here are some of their answers..

‘Rights are important because we should be heard.’ Ishaa

‘Rights are important because people get the right help and support for their needs.’ Mayci

‘Rights are things that we should all have, for example, the right to food. We should all have good and healthy food.’ Oscar

‘Rights are important because everyone has the right to a good and fair life.’ Archie

‘Rights are important so everyone is treated fairly and equally.’ Emilia

‘Rights are very important so that everyone is treated with kindness and respect.’ Oliwia

‘Rights are important to make children more involved in decisions.’ Milly

‘Everyone deserves their own rights as their opinions and privacy should be respected as well as having free speech.’Ruaridh

‘Rights help us explain why we should or shouldn’t do something.’ Neve

‘Rights are important because they protect people, make sure it’s fair for everyone and allow people to stand up for themselves.’ Luca

‘Rights are important because everyone is different in their own way and no one can boss you around.’ Leandro

We aim to help children in our school learn about their rights and explain why some children around the world may not be able to access their rights.

Each week in assembly, articles from the UN charter of the Rights of the Child are highlighted and discussed. Different articles are linked to our assembly focus.

So far we have have explored Chinese New Year, UN Day of Change, Rabbie Burns Night, Martin Luther King Day, Fairtrade and SCIAF. The online school calendar highlights the article and focus to allow staff to discuss in class. Our steering group have an important role to play in leading these discussions in school.