Alpacas in P.1

This week in literacy P.1 have been learning about the sounds of ‘t’ and ‘i’. They have been looking at what begins with ‘t’ and ‘i’ and have been practising writing and forming them correctly in the cursive style on whiteboards.  At home they can look for objects that begin with these sounds and play I-spy. They can practise writing the sounds with pencils and felt pens. They used the boards with magnetic letters to find the different sounds and made the words ‘sad’, ‘mad’, ‘sit’, ‘sat’, ‘dim’ and ‘mat’.                  The children also worked on rhyming words this week. They found objects that rhyme and matched pictures to make a rhyme. They can listen to rhymes at home and see if they can spot the words that rhyme. 

In numeracy the children have been counting forwards and backwards from 20. They have been starting from different places and stopping at different places. At home they can count forwards and backwards from different starting points and can count objects around the house. P.1 practised writing their numerals outside with chalk and they can practise writing these at home. They were also counting alternate numbers forwards and backwards. 

This week in RE P.1 listened and responded to the story of the call of David. They talked about how God sees the goodness in young David, and learned that God calls everyone, big and small, young and old, to follow him. They finished off their faces from last week by adding wool for the hair and drawing on their features. 

P.1 were given the opportunity to spend time outside with the alpacas on Wednesday. They were able to take turns to stroke them gently and very much enjoyed seeing them. 

P2B this week!

P2 have had a very busy week, with lots of exciting activities and even some surprises! We finished up our Lion King topic last week, however we have decided to continue to explore Africa as out next topic, as there is just so much to learn and explore!

Music – Glockenspiels

P2s have been practicing their singing over the past few weeks and have enjoyed singing some famous songs from the Lion King. To step it up, P2s had a go at playing Glockenspiels! We learned the notes to play a simple tune to the song ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ by The Tokens!

Here is a video of P2s from both classes playing glockenspiels! We enjoyed making lots of noise!

Alpaca visit!

Miss Mulvihill got a surprise note on Wednesday afternoon, telling us that there were some furry surprise guests waiting in the playground. These were 2 alpacas, the same pair seen at the Summer Fair!

Everyone got a chance to say hello and pet them. Some were so overcome by their cuteness that there were tears shed!


The past few weeks, P2 have been busy learning about pattern. Here is a little sneak at some of the things we did this week. This includes photos of us doing a pattern worksheet where we have to continue the pattern, and making our own patters with cubes and counting animals.

Africa Writing

This week’s writing involved learning about Africa, and labelling a map of Africa with some of the country’s names. We enjoyed learning just how small Scotland is compared to Africa!