St John’s RC Parent Council November Minutes

St John’s Parent Council Meeting – 20th November 2018

Present: C Wood, J Morrison, S McClay, R Fitzgerald, J Skene, K Orton-Johnson, M Burgess, J Kelly, J Woral

1. Support/Playtime:

* Playgroud is tight and there is a lack of equipment

* Pupil feedback gathered at assembly: more trim trail, wigwam issues

* Park should be opening this month, extra bodies would be helpful for facilitating the use of this.

* Issue with no gate/visual barrier at exit from park

* Dog-free? This is on the minutes from a public meeting

2. Lighting

* external lighting request is with the council

3. Christmas Fair

* Sunday 2nd December 2-4pm

* There will be santa’s grotto, choir on stairs, fairtrade stall, various activities, Friends of Figgy Park stall, Donations for Foodbank, KidsloveClothes

* Kidsloveclothes really need donations of vest, pants, socks and pyjamas

4. Library

* Software Abracadaba £995

* Book and magazine donations welcomed

* Potential subscriptions: National Geographic, Beano, Pheonix, Dekko Comics

* £250 Scholastic + 25% – feedback on what type of books to be gathered so that order can be made in December. Teacher and pupil requests

* Book Covers – £300

* Target is 4500 book: 12 books per child

* To be mainly by P4-7 pupils

5. Edinburgh Youth Theatre

* lunchtime club

* Trial £400 for a 10 week session for 16 children (£2.50 pcps)

* Confidence focus P3-5

* APPROVED for Jan – March

* Long term funding to be looked into – Arts and Drama Funding, trial will help with this.

6. Gardening Club

* Very successful will continue to fund

* £2800 per year

* Look into grants for materials and gardening ‘stuff’

7. Mud Kitchen

* Website £439 + VAT from cozy-direct

* Parents can donate accessories

* Mud Kitchen out in the front playground also

* Look into joiner and sourcing a mud kitchen asap

8. Brick Buddies/Go Kart

* Go Kart project has started 8 x P6/7

* Will be a learning blog produced

* Still looking for brick buddies for a lego club

9. Treasurer

* Dynamic Earth extended £1 per pupil for first visit, free thereafter

10. Parking

* No update

* Contact council about road markings to make driveways etc clearer

* Junior Road officers – banner

* Travel Tracker survey

11. AOB

* Christmas Jumper/Book Day Costume ‘Swap-Shop’ Stall being successful so far

* WW1 grant for activities to be looked into

* NSPCC will be coming in on the 13th to speak to pupils

* Brighton Setts report circulated

St John’s Foodbank success

A huge thank you to staff, children and families who donated items for the foodbank during our Advent appeal this year. This was a wonderful example of Our Faith in Action. We managed to deliver two car loads of soups, pasta, sugar, crisps, cereals, sweets, beans, long life mik and many other items to the North East Edinburgh Foodbank at South Leith Parish Church.


Christmas Tree Technology by Emilia P.4a

We worked in groups to make a Christmas tree out of recycled materials. In my group was Isla, Sophia and me, Emilia.

The materials my group used were tissue paper, cardboard boxes, paper and plastic bottles.

I helped my group by making tissue paper flowers and getting ideas and fixing problems.

We decorated the tree with tissue paper flowers, cardboard chocolates and a yellow star with a blue spot in the middle.

My group worked nicely together but next time we could make it better by listening more to each other.

I enjoyed making the tree because I always had a job.

By Emilia P.4a

Topic Report by Sandy P.4a

P.4 did a topic about Houses and Homes. First we learned about different types of homes like a flat or terraced. My house is a terraced house.

Then we found out about castles. I learned that the first type of castles are motte and bailey castles and they were built by the Normans.

Next we learned about crofts and crannogs. I learned that a croft is not a house but a piece of land and the people who lived on the croft were called crofters.

We went on a trip to Edinburgh Castle and I liked seeing the prisons of war and Mons Meg the biggest canon in Scotland.

What I enjoyed about this topic was probably the trip to Edinburgh Castle.

Written by Sandy P.4a