Last Week in p2!

We have had such a lovely time in p2 this week!

The children loved getting messy on Tuesday when we had messy play with chia seed frogspawn, shaving foam, ooblek, colourful bath bombs, bubbles and more!

P2 set a brilliant example for the p1s on our trip to church for mass, and did a great job reading the bidding prayers and singing along with the hymns. It was lovely to see so many parents there to worship alongside us.

We were also all able to meet the class’s new teachers, and we know they are in good hands for p3.

On Thursday we had a lovely time at the park, and really enjoyed our parties in the afternoon.

We have had a wonderful year teaching primary 2 – we hope you all have a great Summer break and wish everyone all the best in p3 – keep being brilliant, we know you will!

Miss Strahan and Miss Jones.

Primary 2 Learning 20.6.22 – 24.6.22

We have had so much fun in p2 this week!

In our maths lessons we have been learning about directions, compass points and coding. We went outside to draw mazes and give a friend instructions on walking through it with their eyes closed, and then we transferred these skills into coding as we designed mazes and practiced writing instructions for the bee-bots. We also had lots of fun exploring basic coding using these games.

In literacy we have been continuing our work on Amazing Grace. We had a lovely time reading the story with a partner, and loved dressing up as different characters to act out stories just like Grace does in the story. We have also been practicing spelling some of the sounds we find tricky to read and spell, especially ‘aw‘ as in yawn. In writing we created superhero stories and drew story maps to go with them.

We loved getting outdoors to play some games, and had lots of fun practicing skills we have been learning this year in PE.

Next Week

As next week is our last week in p2, it will look a little different to normal. Here are some key dates:

Messy Play – On Tuesday we will be doing some messy play outside! Feel free to send your child in clothes you don’t mind getting messy.

Mass – On Wednesday Primary 1 and Primary 2 will be going to mass in the morning.

Picnic in the park – On Thursday morning P2 will be headed to the park to play some games and have a picnic. You should have already had a letter about this – please ask your teacher if you didn’t receive one.

End of year party – On Thursday afternoon we will be celebrating the end of p2 with a party – if you wish to send a change of clothes for your child to wear after getting back from the park please feel free to do this.

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone for our last Monday in Primary 2!

Picnic in the Park for P.1

This week P.1 did so well telling the new P.1’s all about life in P.1 and the things they have been doing and learning at the transition assembly. They spoke out confidently with the microphone and sang songs for the new P.1 children and their parents.

P.1 also enjoyed bringing in their teddies or soft toys for a picnic in the park. They had a snack with their teddy and enjoyed dancing to music and playing a game of ’who stole my teddy’.