Friendship in P.1

In literacy this week P.1 were learning about the sounds if ’i’, ’n’ and ’p’. They worked hard at writing the sounds on laminated cards and made lots of different cvc words with magnetic boards and letters. In numeracy P.1 were counting forwards and backwards from different numbers. They were counting and drawing amounts in their workbooks and continued practising their number formation. In our All About Me topic P.1 finished off their self-portraits and together they make an amazing display. This week there was a focus on friends and the children were talking about what makes a good friend. They decorated a heart as they had decided that a good friend shows love and kindness. In RE the children talked about their families and how their family looked after and cared for them. They talked about how they helped at home and there was a lot of claims that they tidied their bedrooms and helped with dusting and vacuuming!

App ideas to support Literacy and Numeracy at home

The attached PDFs have been used for the past 9 years to advise schools and families at home about apps appropriate for Dyslexia support in literacy and Dyscalculia in numeracy. They can also be of use to develop general learner confidence in these areas of the curriculum. We hope you find them to be of use to you.



All About Me in P.1

This week P.1 have been recognising and writing the sounds of m,s,a,d and t. They used these sounds to make cvc words with the magnetic letters, mad, sad, sat and mat. In numeracy P.1 were learning to form the numbers 9 and 10 and were revising all the numbers from 0-10. They looked at spot patterns on dice and played a Gingerbread Man game using the dice patterns and a Ladybird spot pattern game on the smart board. This week for topic work P.1 were focussing on All About Me. They discussed how we are all different and learned the word ’unique’. They made self-portraits with paint and thought about the different colours that they needed.

Traditional Tales in P.1

This week P.1 have been learning to recognise and form the sounds of ‘d’ and ’t’ in their literacy work and they have been revising the sounds of ’m’, ’s’ and ’a’. They had a lot of fun with the ink pad and the sounds for printing the letters. In numeracy P.1 have been learning to recognise and write correctly numbers 6,7 and 8. They have been using number cards and whiteboards to practise writing the numbers. This week was the last week of focus on Traditional Tales. The children listened to the story of the Three Little Pigs. They made very convincing wanted posters for the wolf in the story and they had the opportunity to retell the story with puppets and use straw and blocks to see if they could build a house for the pigs in the STEM zone.