Primary One Sports

Primary One had a great time yesterday afternoon on the astro for their sport’s. The weather was great which was a bonus.

Primary one took part in six events. The egg and spoon race, skipping, an obstacle course, relay race with batons to pass, using the hockey sticks to manoevre the ball around some cones and tossing the beanbags into the hoops that were progressively further and further away.

The majority of the children enjoyed the egg and spoon race the most, which was actually a potato rather than an egg. Everyone worked really hard especially at the skipping which many found quite tricky. All the children tried their best and a good time was had by all.

Primary One’s Week

This week P.1 have been focusing on the Seashore for their class topic. The children have been investigating different types of shells and different sea creatures that can be found around our seashore and sea. They have been making seashore creatures and drawing around shells to create a P.1 seashore display.

In Literacy the children have been revising their block 2 phonics and have been using them to make words and read and write block 2 words. In numeracy P.1 have been ordering numbers 11-20 and looking at 1 more and 2 more and 1 less and 2 less with numbers 11-20. They have been learning to count in two’s with even numbers and will continue to practise that next week.

Due to the good weather, over the past couple of weeks, the children have been really enjoying the front playground with the equipment at break times and you will be able to see from the slide show below just how active they have been and how well they have been using the equipment.

Primary One’s Week

This week for literacy Primary One worked on the sounds of ‘au’ and ‘aw’. They made and read words that used these sounds such as haul, Paul and paw, saw, lawn. They read sentences with tricky words and au/aw words. The children practised writing the words and sounds using the cursive script.

For Numeracy the children have been focusing on numbers 11-20. They have been counting and making amounts within 20 and finding which numbers are smaller and larger from groups of numbers up to 20.

The topic focus this week has been with the NSPCC and the children have been working on Speaking Out to Stay Safe. They have particularly enjoyed doing this with the NSPCC character Buddy. They had great fun making their Buddy puppet and creating their dream room on the Buddy zone which you can find on the Childline website.

Primary 1 round-up

This week P.1 worked on the sounds of oi and oy in their literacy work. They read and made words and wrote sentences using these sounds.

In numeracy P.1 have been ordering and sequencing numbers to 20. They looked at different ways to make 11-20 with the numicon shapes and took part in group activities to reinforce their number knowledge.

P.1 started their new topic ‘People Who Help Us in the Community’. They thought about what jobs people did in school to help them and the school community and who helps them in the wider community. They had fun dressing up at break times in the playground and role playing some of the people who help in the wider community.

There was also a new addition of an outdoor kitchen to the playground that the children enjoyed exploring today.