P3 Sacramental Mass on Sunday 5th December

Sunday 5th December marks the Second Sunday in Advent, it is also a special Mass for P3 pupils preparing for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Primary 3 children at St John’s Church at 9:30 am will be receiving the ‘Rite of The Signing of the Cross’ during the mass. This is also a children’s mass for all families. It would be lovely to see as many children there as possible.

P3 Sacramental Preparation Update

Good morning,

I am writing to ask if you can please complete the P3 Sacramental Preparation Form using the attached link. The Form takes less than a minute to complete and will allow us to hold an accurate list of candidates for the Sacrament of Reconciliation in Primary 3. I would ask you to answer the questions, even if your child is not being presented for the Sacraments.

Thank you for your support.

P3B First Reconciliation

This morning pupils from Primary 3B made the short trip to St John’s church to make their First Reconciliation. The children were very attentive during the service and took part well in answering questions from Father Jock.The sacramnetal team in the parish were delighted with the children with Arlene commenting that they were so well behaved.

Thank you to Mrs Gillespie for all her preparatory work in class, Mrs Singh for accompanying the children this morning, Father Jock and Father Jim for their patience and kindness listening to the children, Arlene and the entire team who helped make the service possible. Thank you to all the families for supporting the children throughout their preparations and for joining in online this morning. Well done P3B!

P3A Sacrament of Reconciliation

This morning pupils from P3A celebrated their First Reconciliation at St John’s RC church. The children were beautifully dressed, very well prepared by Miss Coleman and a credit to themselves, their families and our school community.

Fr Jim and Fr Jock had never met a class quite so happy to be making the sacrament in all their years and both priests congratulated Miss Coleman on the way the children took part throughout the service and knew the prayers.

Our thanks go to Arlene and the entire parish team who helped make the morning so special for the children, to Fr Jock and Fr Jim for their patience and kindness, to Miss Coleman for preparing the children in school, to all the families who spent time consolidating the work done in class and to the children themselves for being so amazing!

We would also like to thank all the children in P3A who made the journey with our candidates today, you supported your friends very well!

We look forward to welcoming our children and families to a Reconciliation service in church in P4 as part of the Communion preparations.