Our Learning Council 2021/22

This year’s learning council have been elected by their classmates to represent their views, and make suggestions about how we can make the school a better place for learning. They will be leading projects around the schools and helping teachers to make St John’s the best it can be.

The reps are:

Nursery –
P1A – Adam
P1B – Abiha
P2A – Michelle
P2B – Elise
P3A – Emme
P3B – Mia-Rose
P4A – Lorenzo
P4B – Tess
P5A – Sacha
P5B – Zac
P6A – Vhari
P6B – Daniel
P7A – Jurek
P7B – Maisie

Children in Need 2021

Miss Miller and Miss McLaren are working with the pupil Learning Council this year. They would like to invite children to come to school wearing their PJ’s, onesies or dressing gowns on Friday 19th November, with the aim of raising money for BBC Children in Need. They have suggested a £1 donation – with no more than £2 from those who are able to contribute.

Here are some of our reps, explaining why it is important to support this charity! Thanks for your support!