P5 learning

Some amazing presentation skills shown this week, along with interesting facts and models made of natural diasters as each one of us stood up and chatted about a natural disaster of our choosing and then peer assessed each other. We practiced adding and subtracting of decimals, played American football, ukulele and talked about what it takes to have a positive body image and self esteem!

P5 Learning

We’ve had another busy few weeks of learning in Primary 5.

In Literacy, we have been looking at how interesting adverbs can help us improve our creative writing. We watched a video called, ‘The Monkey Symphony’ and create fantastic sentences using adverbs as sentence openers. We can’t wait to try and use these in our next creative writing task!

In Maths and Numeracy, we have been learning about decimal numbers and fractions. We have worked very hard to learn decimal notation for tenths using the app, ‘Number Pieces’ and cubes to help us.

Norah from the Youth Music Initiative gave us our first ukulele lesson and it was super fun. We learned the names for the main parts of the ukulele and even played our first song, ‘Life is but a dream’. We are very excited for our second lesson next week!

We have been learning the French words for hobbies and sports and this week we played a game of charades where we had to guess the sport and say our answer in French. We also interviewed our partner to find our their opinions on different sports using our French opinion phrases such as J’aime, J’adore, Je n’aime pas and Je deteste!

For our topic, ‘Extreme Earth’, last week we made our own volcanos in groups and erupted them! We also worked very hard at writing a report about Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius erupting in 79AD. Once we finished writing our reports we worked in groups and recorded them using the iPad caster. It was so much fun!

We have also really enjoyed reading for pleasure in our library and last week we even read our favourite books to the Primary 3’s. Miss Redman and Miss Coleman said we were very good role models and that made us feel proud.

P5 learning 25.2.22

It was all things volcanos this week in P5 from writing a newspaper article on the events of Pompeii, to locating famous volcanos on a map using coordinates, to designing, painting and erupting our own very own volcano models!

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