Pupil Groups

We have a number of opportunities for our learners to get involved and have their voices heard.

Learning Council

One elected representative per class from Nursery-7 will meet regularly to discuss ways that we can improve St John’s and the learning that happens here. 

Eco Group

This is a team of P3-7s who have been chosen to represent their class. They are working together towards our next Eco Schools Green Flag award, and are trying to make the school and the local area more sustainable.

WoW Ambassadors

A group of children from across the school are working to make the roads around the school safer, and encourage people to walk or use a sustainable form of transport to get to school.

Equalities Group

Mrs Kelly is working with this group to ensure that everyone, no matter who they are, has equal opportunities at St John’s, and they support us all in celebrating the diversity around the school.

Dignity in School

We are proud to be working with Miss Sharp from the Children’s Parliament and Stoneywood PS in Aberdeen over the next session on the Dignity in School project.

Garden Gang

We are very lucky to be working with Tana, who comes in regularly to work with our younger pupils on the school groups. We have been growing a variety of flowers, fruits and vegetables, and learning about how plants grow.

Laudato Si

We are working towards our Laudato Si award, which is based on the Pope’s 2015 letter calling for ecological action. It links our faith to our commitment to the environment.


Our Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport group will be working with our PE specialist Mr Devine to encourage everyone to join in with physical activities, and think of ways we can all stay fit and healthy.

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