Learning in Primary 2 (w/b 17th January 2022)

Another busy week in primary 2!

In phonics we have been continuing our work on ‘magic e’, looking at words that use i_e to make the long i sound. We have been talking about how i and e are such good friends they can make a sound even if they have another sound in between them! If you are looking for fun ways to practice phonics at home, the children have been really enjoying playing this game: https://www.phonicsbloom.com/uk/game/phonics-frog?phase=5

We have also continued to learn about the story of Robbie, the piper who went through the tunnels under Edinburgh castle to get to fairyland, in our writing lessons and this week we had a go at retelling the story. The children remembered lots of details and did some great pieces of writing – ask you child to tell you the story and see what they remember!

In our numeracy lessons we have been revising our adding skills. The children told us lots of good strategies to help us add, including using doubles to help us (eg. 3+3 = 6 so 3+4 = 7), using the numicon shapes to help us visualise the problems, using our fingers, remembering our bonds to 10, using a numberline and using blocks. Next week we will be looking at adding numbers to 10 to make teen numbers.

In maths we have been learning about 2D shapes – this week we used the plastic shapes to help us identify how many corners and edges shapes have, as well as thinking about whether they have curved or straight edges.

As well as all this, we have been busy learning about castles! We love getting outside to learn, and this week we were able to go out and draw castles with chalk, which we then labelled and described using the vocabulary we have learned about parts of a castle. We also went on a QR code treasure hunt in the classroom in our IT lesson, where we tried to find the King and if we were locked in the dungeon we had to give our teacher facts about castles to get out and continue our search. We already remember a lot about castles! We have talked about chivalry in our emotional literacy, and what it means to be respectful to each other.

Next week we will be learning about people who lived in castles, and because the children have been interested in colour mixing, and ‘dyeing’ paper towels using felt tips and water during free play, we will be learning about natural dyes and having a go at tie dye – If you would like to send in a white T-shirt for your child to dye with their name inside, we will dye this. Otherwise we will provide a pair of white socks for them to dye instead.

Our other learning this week has been focussed on Scots, ceilidh dancing and traditional Scottish music. We have really enjoyed ceilidh dancing, counting time to jigs and reels, listening to stories in Scots and having a go on Miss Strahan’s keyboard during our free play time.

Learning in Primary 2 (w/b 10th January 2022)

Happy New Year from primary 2!

P2 have been getting stuck into their learning during the first couple of weeks. We have begun a new block of learning in phonics, looking at split digraphs/magic ‘e’. This week we have been learning about words with a_e. Please check your child’s bag on Monday for a homework pack for this term containing more details about learning in phonics as well as other curricular areas. We have also introduced new common words: ‘other, mother, another, have, give and live’.

In our number work we have been revising our knowledge of place value and numbers to 100, before we move on to simple addition and subtraction over the next term.

We have also started our new topic – castles! Primary 2 are really excited about this topic, and have had lots of good questions for us to learn about:

‘How did castles stop bad guys getting in?’ – Aila
‘When were castles built?’ – Lewis
‘How did people attack castles?’ – William
‘What sizes were castles?’ – Ava
‘Who lived in castles?’ – Elise

We will be answering these questions and more throughout this term.

In IT we have been using iPads to support learning in maths, learning to log in with our individual passwords, and starting to use QR codes to navigate to different websites.

During our undirected playtime, the children have had lots of good learning experiences. Children in P2a have been working hard to make their own movie- they have made masks and props, written a script together, held auditions for actors and interviews for a director as well as acting out and filming a short film for the class to watch. Some children have also been experimenting with ink and water using tissues to see if they can create different patterns, as well as building turrets with the blocks and making lots of different things with paper, string and junk modelling. Lots of the children have also been using our writing station to think up stories.

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all on Monday!

Merry Christmas 2021!

Primary 2 have had a wonderful last week of term!

We have been busy learning about the alphabet and capital letters, painting Christmas cards, learning about Christmas traditions in France and in other countries, making paper chains to measure ourselves, creating repeating patterns on Christmas jumpers and so much more!

We loved our Christmas dinner on Tuesday, and had a fantastic time at the party on Thursday, especially playing ‘pin the nose on the snowman’. We were so excited to watch the P1 nativity (and thought it was amazing – well done to p1 and their teachers for all their hard work) and enjoyed booing the bad guys in the pantomime we watched while we ate our party food. We also had a special visit from Santa!

Have a wonderful winter break, and we look forward to having everybody back with us in 2022!

Learning in Primary 2 (w/b 6th December 2021)

Primary 2 have thoroughly enjoyed getting into the Christmas spirit this week! We started our week by finishing off our Christmas window display. Our film theme was The Polar Express, so we made a train and train tickets, as well as some decorations for the North Pole. We also spent some time decorating our classroom and making paper chains, as well as decorating our snack bags ahead of the Christmas party on Thursday 16th December.

We were excited on Tuesday to get to work with Jo – Jo is in school with us working with all the classes on the Dignity in Schools project. She came to play some games with the p2s and get to know them, as well as hearing all about the work we have been doing about the UNRC convention of the rights of the child. P2 were very excited to meet Dignity the dinosaur and show her some of their favourite places to use their right to play and learn.

We had a brilliant time today (Friday) watching a christmas film and getting cosy in our pyjamas!

In maths this week we have been learning to round to the nearest ten with two digit numbers as well as learning to measure using a ruler.

In phonics we have been revising all the sounds we have learned so far, ready to move onto block 4 in the new year.

READING BOOKS – We will not be sending reading books home during the final week of term. If you have books at home please send them back in so we can put them all away ready to start again in January! P2 have been doing lots of reading for enjoyment in class using our class library, and are brilliant at choosing stories they enjoy so I am sure they will still be happy to share a story with you at home.

Primary 2 Learning, week beginning 22nd November 2021

Another busy week in primary 2! We have been working hard with our Read Write Count bags, writing great big stories and learning about how minibeasts are adapted to their environment.

In PE we have been learning about attacking and defending, skills that will help in lots of team sports, and today we practiced marking. We had to stop a partner from getting into a hoop matching the colour of their ribbon, without touching them. We had a lot of fun!

In number this week we learned about finding numbers halfway between (eg. what is halfway between 46 and 50) using a numberline and we loved maths this week. We have been learning about weight and measuring during the balance scales. Lots of children chose to extend this learning in our play zone, and continued to experiment with weights and the balance scale.

Finally, our literacy this week has focussed on spelling common words – words we can’t sound out and read. Words we have been practicing include: