App ideas to support Literacy and Numeracy at home

The attached PDFs have been used for the past 9 years to advise schools and families at home about apps appropriate for Dyslexia support in literacy and Dyscalculia in numeracy. They can also be of use to develop general learner confidence in these areas of the curriculum. We hope you find them to be of use to you.



Last Week in p2!

We have had such a lovely time in p2 this week!

The children loved getting messy on Tuesday when we had messy play with chia seed frogspawn, shaving foam, ooblek, colourful bath bombs, bubbles and more!

P2 set a brilliant example for the p1s on our trip to church for mass, and did a great job reading the bidding prayers and singing along with the hymns. It was lovely to see so many parents there to worship alongside us.

We were also all able to meet the class’s new teachers, and we know they are in good hands for p3.

On Thursday we had a lovely time at the park, and really enjoyed our parties in the afternoon.

We have had a wonderful year teaching primary 2 – we hope you all have a great Summer break and wish everyone all the best in p3 – keep being brilliant, we know you will!

Miss Strahan and Miss Jones.