P6: Our Year So Far by P6B

P6B have kindly written on behalf of all P6 children to share their experiences of school life this year so far. Next time it will be P6A’s turn. There are photos included from both classes for you to enjoy.

The following are extracts of blogs written by many children:

I was incredibly eager to start P6 there would be a new teacher, new topics and lots of fun! It feels like we have only been here for two weeks but, yet we’ve been here for almost three months and we have done so much.

I personally was a bit apprehensive at the start, but everyone had the right to be a bit nervous. We had already met our teacher but that was online. She sounded very friendly online and she was when we really met her too. I was so happy to meet my friends again.


We have done so many things in P6 so far. We voted on a topic “Natural disasters” which was epic. I loved learning about earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and tornadoes. We made some amazing presentations on them it was so cool. We created fact files and a STEM challenge to make an earthquake proof building using a tuned mass damper. We learned loads of facts about how they are all made and the damage they have caused across the world.


In Drama we play fun games to help us with expression act and react techniques. One game we played was called the “One Word Whittle”. 
Firstly, you have to go into groups of two or three, but it is better to be in two’s. When you are partnered up you must pick a word. That’s the only word you can say. For example, Jo and Lily play it and Jo picks the word pancakes and Lily picks carrot. They must make an act by using the word you had picked. There must be a beginning, middle and ending. 
In the beginning you could be two friends, what didn’t see for a while who meet. But in the middle, there has to be a conflict. The ending must show resolution. The most important rule is body expression and face expressions. It’s really funny and everyone had to guess what the conversation was about.

In literacy we have been doing spelling every morning. I can see my handwriting getting better which makes me feel great. We have read lots of books in our reading groups. The magic finger by Roald Dahl wasn’t my cup of tea but others were good. We have been writing recounts using time connectives. We have also been up levelling our sentences. 

In Numeracy we have been doing loads of chimney sums for adding and taking away (addition and subtraction). We have also some rounding estimating, place value and time which was tricky.

So far it’s been such a busy year with the drama, PE ,art. pupil parliament, literacy and maths. I can’t wait to see what next term holds!

Accelerated Reader

If you have a child in P4-7, they will probably have told you that here at St John’s we follow the Accelerated Reader programme for reading. Your child may have explained how it all works, and class teachers have sent information out as well, but we thought it might be useful to share this document which sets out some of the key information and terms used as part of the programme (we do not currently use myON however).

The AR quizzing site can only be accessed from school but we appreciate your support in encouraging your child to read at home and develop a love of books.

As always, please get in touch with your child’s class teacher if you have any queries about AR.

P6A Learning Log

Euros🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿: We did a bit of research on football role models, like Andy Robertson and Kenny Dalglish, then had a discussion about what makes a good role model, and why footballers are considered to be inspirational. We also continued doing our research on our sweepstake countries, where we have to create a Book Creator about the country then then the football team. On Monday we got to watch the Scotland- Czech Republic game with hotdogs, although the result wasn’t the best!

STEM📙: We were making following instructions to build our own wind turbines. It was very fiddly and not all of them worked but we learned a lot from it😬 

Playground games🏫: Ahead of becoming responsible P7s, we did our buddy training with specialists who came to visit the playground. It was really fun we also learned lots of new games like jump the river and elephant football. We can’t wait to teach the new P1s some fun games! We then wrote letters to our new buddies to introduce ourselves, and told them how excited we are to meet them after the summer. We had to include our photos because Covid rules mean they can’t come and see us.

Titanic quiz🛳: On Friday, we did a big quiz to show how much we have learned throughout our focus on the Titanic. Earlier in the week we all created a question and Ms Mitchell turned them into a Kahoot. It was really fun and everyone enjoyed it 

Here is our blog, including some predictions for tonight’s big game!