P6A’s Growth Mindset Posters

We have been learning about how to approach our learning with a growth rather than a fixed mindset. Here are some posters we made to inspire each other and others.

Empowered Learning Roll-Out for St John’s

Last week St John’s rolled out the Empowered Learning Project to P6 & 7 pupils, each pupil has their own dedicated mobile device to support their learning in class. With the help of Luke and Charlotte from CGI, class teachers successfully set up pupil devices.

All parents and carers of children in Primary 6 and 7 are asked to read the Home use agreement and acceptable use policy, click on the link and complete the short Form to sign the agreements at their earliest convenience.

P6A STEAM Parachute Building Challenge

As part of our Science Forces topic we have been exploring air resistance. Today we enjoyed fine tuning the parachutes we designed and built in groups. We then took them to the top of the library stairs to test how well they travelled (and landed). Many of us were proud of our designs and pleasantly surprised with how well they worked!

P6 writing this week.

This week P6 have been focusing on sentence starters. We began by getting into groups or working individually with whiteboards. Next Miss Bourke put up some sentence starter words like despite-suddenly-meanwhile–although and in our groups we finished the sentence’s, creating stories. After this we wrote our own version of the story with added sentence starters into our jotters. We then edited our work through peer and individual assessment (traffic lightening and 2 stars and a wish). Once we had finished this we set about recording our story in groups of 2 or 3. Enjoy!!!!! (Oscar)