Active Travel Update March 2022

This month we issue 231 badges to children for active travel to and from school which is a slight rise from last month. As the weather improves and daylight lengthens we hope to have even more children qualify for an Active Travel badge in April and May.

To qualify for a badge, children must travel to school actively three times a week during the month. Active travel includes scooting, cycling, park and stride, walking or skating to school. It may even be if parents and children choose to park two or three streets away and walk the final stretch to school.

If we can all make the effort to park away from the school we can make the roads around our school safer for everyone!

St John’s WOW Ambassadors 2021/22

We are delighted to be supporting Active Travel in St John’s with WOW Ambassadors. We have a pupil ambassador from each class from P3-7 and their role is to encourage pupils to travel actively to and from school, where possible, and to remind teachers to log pupil journeys daily in class. In addition to this, WOW ambassadors have the monthly role of handing out WOW badges to the children in class who have logged active journeys throughout the previous month.

Our list of class WOW ambassadors is listed below:

P3A Ava
P3B Oscar
P4A Letizia         
P4B Andrew
P5A Jack
P5B Sophie
P6A Murren
P6B Oscar
P7A Daniel
P7B Charlotte

Supporting them will be our new P6 Junior Road Safety Officers, Ahmad and Mayci.