Sacramental Preparation Masses this weekend

Arlene from the St John’s Parish Sacramental team has asked me to remind parents about the sacramental masses on Sunday 6th February.

P3 Mass in preparation for the sacrament of Reconciliation will take place at St John’s church at 0930

P4 Mass in preparation for the sacrament of First Holy Communion will take place at St Mary Magdalene’s Church at 1115

It would be lovely to see candidates for the sacraments in attendance at both masses this week.


What have P3B been up to? We have been very busy the past couple of weeks – the days fly by so quickly as we learn and have fun together! The children are working hard in class and Mrs Gargaro and Miss McCaughey are very impressed ❤️

Ancient Egyptian cartouche and hieroglyphics

Party games and dancing to celebrate #universalchildrensday

Subtraction in Maths using textbooks for the first time

Shocktopus Octopus 🐙 and 📚 bags 💼 to celebrate #worldbookday

P3 Sacramental Mass on Sunday 5th December

Sunday 5th December marks the Second Sunday in Advent, it is also a special Mass for P3 pupils preparing for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Primary 3 children at St John’s Church at 9:30 am will be receiving the ‘Rite of The Signing of the Cross’ during the mass. This is also a children’s mass for all families. It would be lovely to see as many children there as possible.

P3B get arty! 🖌 ✂️ ✏️

After learning about ‘Day of the Dead’ celebrated in Mexico 🇲🇽, the children had the best fun getting creative to design these calaveras (skulls) 💀 We learnt that on November 2nd, loved ones who have died have their lives celebrated by making these colourful skeletons and skulls. The children really enjoyed this Art activity ❤️

P3B, Ancient Egyptian Pyramids!

The children in P3B have been busy this week learning about the pyramids in Egypt. They have been fascinated by their size! The children built a paper 3B pyramid, and in groups used sugar cubes, Lego and construction blocks to build pyramid structures.
They learned that all pyramids must start with a square base and that there are over 130 pyramids in Egypt 🇪🇬.
After researching in pairs, the children found out that it took thousands of men to build a pyramid, and inside they are full of secret tunnels, passages and chambers. They were built for the Pharaohs and contain treasure inside.
The children recorded their findings on a pyramid fact file. It has been a very interesting topic for the children ❤️