St John’s Parish Children’s Stations of the Cross

Fr Jock writes:

‘This Friday at 9.30am we will be livestreaming Children’s Stations of the Cross from St John’s. 

Sadly, the church will not be open for a congregation but below is the link for anyone who’d like to watch/participate. 

Many thanks to all the children who have agreed to read, and to the co-ordinating team. 

Please do join us – it’s a heart-warming experience to hear the Way of the Cross through the voices of the little ones Jesus loved so much….’

Remember you can always view our daily Masses updated list here:

Ash Wednesday @home

This Ash Wednesday is different for us as we mark the start of Lent at home. Below you will see an Ash Wednesday Service script sent by the Archdiocese. There is also an online Mass at 10am and 7pm tomorrow celebrated by Fr Jock. In school we have created a short prayer service to mark Ash Wednesday and I have shared this with class teachers. As normal, our children will be learning about the work of SCIAF during Lent, this year we focus on life in South Sudan.