Speech and Language Therapy resources, and much more!

from Mrs Mitchell, in Support for Learning.

If your child has received S.A.L.T. or support for another specific learning need or disability, there are lots of helpful resources and information for parents on the Chatterpack website. This link takes you directly to the S.A.L.T. resources.


You’ll find ideas to support with Speech and Language, ADHD, Occupational Therapy / movement, Visual impairment, Anxiety/Emotions, Dyslexia and Numeracy difficulties.

Remember, all my Support for Learning posts will be saved in the Additional Support Needs tab of our website. Mrs M x

NEW! Mrs Mitchell’s YouTube Literacy Channel!

Hello, from Mrs Mitchell in Support for Learning!

I am very excited to announce that my new YouTube Channel is now LIVE! (I’ve always wanted to be famous).

There are literacy videos to support any learner in P1 and 2, and those in P1-5 who come up to me for Support for Learning (e.g. my P1/2 SfL groups, P3 and P4 RWI groups, the Superheroes, and anyone who gets some spelling support).


You can watch my Literacy Time videos to help you revise your alphabet sounds, revise and learn the Set 2 and 3 ‘long vowel’ sounds, and do some reading, word building and sentence writing.

Sometimes you even get to see my cat!

Image result for grey cat image

There are ideas for learning your ‘Tricky’ (common) words and help for your grown-ups with how to support your sentence writing.

The videos start with the basics, then work through the phonics progression as we do in school. I’ll keep adding to them over the coming weeks (it’s a work in progress), so keep an eye on the channel for videos to suit YOU!

Missing you all, love Mrs M x

Supporting Reading at home.

from Mrs Mitchell, Support for Learning Teacher.

During these stressful times, it’s lovely if you can run away and spend a little time in a cosy spot reading with your child. Whether that’s them reading to you, or the other way around. If you want to, use these questions to turn reading together in to a sneaky lesson, without your child noticing!

Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of books in your house. Look for free e-books for every age, online at https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/


How can I help with writing, when my child struggles to write independently?!

From Mrs Mitchell, Support for Learning Teacher.

It’s tricky for children who are in the early stages of literacy to write several sentences (or even one!) without help. But you can build these skills together.

Try some ‘old-fashioned’ dictation, brought up to date by the Literacy and Dyslexia Service. The children who come to Support for Learning are used to this process, and will keep you right! All you need to do is think of a short sentence containing some of the spelling patterns they’re currently focusing on, and follow the steps (making your voice as silly as possible!).