ECO Group Meeting December 2017


Apologies Misha & Kerry at Sky Academy, Joe, Emilia and Sam absent.

Review of Switch off fortnight.

Reps completed the speech bubbles with a statement about the impact Switch off fortnight had. Lots of reps had positive things to say about Switch Off Fortnight, Skye noticed that children would get out of their chairs and switch lights off when they weren’t required. Also some reps noticed that at home families took more care to switch off lights, TV’s and consoles when they weren’t in use.

Reps were all given certificates after the Switch Off fortnight finished.

Mr Burgess introduced Litter sticker competition, which was a thank you for all the volunteers who helped to pick up litter and keep Scotland beautiful. Reps investigated why people needed to pick up litter and where they had seen brightly coloured volunteers working.

Children looked at the Keep Scotland Beautiful webpage and were given the success criteria for the badge. Children were given the chance to share ideas and then drew their own designs for the competition. Some finished, others will return their work to Mr Burgess this week. Mr Burgess will send off entries before Christmas.

The next meeting will take place after the Christmas holidays and children were reminded to keep the playground tidy.



St John’s students celebrate Switch Off Fortnight to save energy in school

St John’s RC Primary has partnered with EDF Energy’s education programme The Pod to celebrate Switch Off Fortnight this November. More than 1,700 schools across the UK are joining in the action.

Over the fortnight, students will save energy by monitoring usage in class and following a class pledge. ECO reps will run an energy audit and identify where energy is wasted. The fortnight is designed to get young people to think about the ways they use energy, as well as sparking an early interest in science and engineering.

As part of the campaign, St John’s received a free Switch Off Fortnight pack including posters, stickers, keyring and certificates. ECO reps will be our Switch off monitors and will play a key role in making sure classes follow their pledges to save valuable energy in the school.

Robyn Thorn, EDF Energy’s Education Programme Manager said

“Switch off Fortnight, now in its ninth year is always very popular with both teachers and students. We’re always proud and delighted with the extremely positive feedback we get from teachers who tell us that the campaign is fun for students, whilst sparking energy saving behaviour and making a real difference to their school’s energy bill.”

At schools can find lesson plans, games, and practical activities linked to the national curriculum as well as ‘take it home’ sheets so students can share what they have learnt about energy with their families.

For more information on EDF Energy’s The Pod, visit and click on the Campaigns section.

ECO meeting 2nd November 2017

ECO meeting Thursday 2nd November

REGISTER Absences/apologies – Julia, Joe, Himmat, Kerry & Misha (at camp), Emilia, Anna , Skye (at PE)

Welcome – Mr Burgess welcomed the reps and recapped our challenge from last month. We were asked to create a new ECO code for the school. 9 Eco codes were presented to the group and the reps who were present voted for their favourite. Hannah’s acrostic poem was chosen by most ECO reps and will be displayed in all the classrooms in the school. The other 8 ECO codes will be proudly displayed on the ECO board.

ECO rep Photos – Reps had their photo taken and these will be displayed on the ECO board.

Sophie joined the ECO group in place of Ava who left the school last week.

Issues in school – Our next challenge is to ensure every class takes part in the Big Switch Off, which runs from 20th November – 3rd December. Pupil reps were asked to speak to their class and come up with a pledge to help save energy. Reps should write the pledge down and send it to Mr Burgess so he can display all the pledges on the large poster at the front reception.

Next meeting aims – Big Switch Off – 20th November – Class reps to come up with a pledge for their class.

Next meeting Early December 2017

St John’s Fairtrade uniforms

Fairtrade Cotton School Uniform

We should like to remind parents that last year we introduced an ethically manufactured school uniform option made with Fairtrade Cotton that can be ordered online from Koolskools (see below).

1. There is no difference in quality between Fairtrade cotton and normal cotton. Fairtrade cotton means that we can be sure that the farmers who grow the cotton receive a fair and sustainable payment for their crop. Their communities also receive a premium for projects such as building schools, hospitals, access to clean water and so on.

2. Being “Fairtrade Cotton Certified” means that all parts of the manufacturing process of the Fairtrade cotton garments have been inspected and audited. The factories are signed up to Fairtrade Minimum Standards, designed to ensure that practices such as child labour and enforced overtime/long working hours don’t exist.

1. Over the past 6 years Koolskools have built an internationally renowned ethical clothing company, and are working with schools all over the UK.

2. Koolskools is the only school uniform provider in the UK offering a complete range of garments made with Fairtrade cotton. Our research has proved that they offer quality and value-for-money garments which are all double stitched, easy iron, and durable 50% cotton/50% polyester mix.
3. Koolskools also work with all their client schools in offering presentations to children of all ages about ethical and fair trading. The idea is that if the school embraces school uniform made with Fairtrade cotton, then our students are given the opportunity to learn all about the ethical trading story behind it.

So all parents can order school logo’ed Fairtrade uniform online at:
Go to the St John’s buying page on the Koolskools website on the following link – – and place your order.
There will be a flat delivery charge of £3.50, whether you order just one or multiple garments.
Orders will take a maximum of 10 working days to turn around (15 days between June and September), from the date of order placement.

Poster for Schools 2 Existing


ECO rep meeting February 2017


ECO meeting Monday 20th February

REGISTER Apologies – Dawid, Sean, Rian, Tamara

Mr Burgess welcomed the ECO group back from holidays and introduced February as Litter Awareness Month.

Mr Burgess explained that litter can have effects much more devastating than we think.

The group were asked what issues litter might cause.  We had lots of great ideas, Harry said that plastic bags strangle animals. Annie explained that turtles confuse plastic bags for jellyfish.

Mr Burgess explained this month we want to remind pupils not to drop litter in the playground and to make good choices with their recycling. Carrie said that overflowing bins don’t help and they need to be emptied more regularly. Annie felt that milk taken outside created litter. Alex saw people squirt bottles of juice before dropping it and running away. Emaan saw a friend dropping grapes because she didn’t want to eat them. Teemo felt that no water bottles should be allowed outside. Carrie felt that sometimes people waste food by jumping on it to get attention from their friends.

Also Mr Burgess explained that we have got more tyres which we hope to paint and plant in. we also hope to plant using recycled bottle containers.

Issues in school –

Harry hopes to make a bug hotel for our new school playground.

Carrie feels there need to be more bins for cigarette butts and chewing gum in Portobello with lots of rubbish being dumped.

Harry felt more bins more evenly distributed around the playground would encourage people to bin their rubbish particularly on the football pitch.

Next meeting March 2016

As ECO reps we have been asked to feed back about our meeting today so you all know what is happening in our school.

This month is Litter Awareness month. Litter can make our community look untidy. It can also harm wildlife on land and in the sea. Plastic bags that we drop or that the wind blows away can land far away in the water or be carried into trees.

 We would like to ask all children to put their litter in the bin and not drop it for others to pick up. Make a difference, be a good example.

 We also want to plant using recycled materials. We need large plastic bottles that have been cleaned to help us plant. We also would like to paint some recycled tyres and plant things to brighten up our school environment.

 If you have any ideas for our ECO group please let your class reps know. Thank you