Hands Up Scotland Survey 2023

St John’s took part in the HUSS (Hands Up Scotland Survey) this week. This is an annual survey across Scotland to establish how children normally get to school. We submitted 362 responses across our nursery and primary school setting.

In St John’s we will continue to promote Active travel by using the WOW travel tracker tool in classes, children who walk, scoot, cycle or park and stride to school can earn a monthly badge for their efforts.

As always, we would encourage everyone who can, to travel actively to school, it supports physical and emotional health, helps with local pollution and helps alleviate parking issues around the school.


Our Eco Representatives 2021/22

We are excited to start up our eco group again, and take our first steps towards our next green flag! This year’s group have been elected by their classmates, and will be working with Miss Redman, Mrs Gargaro and Miss McCaughey to make our school a more sustainable place!

The reps are:

P3A – Phoebe and Addison
P3B – Ignacy and Katie
P4A – Ellie and Declan
P4B – Eassa and Emma
P5A – Amilya and Thomas
P5B – Helena and Emma
P6A – Macy and Oliwia
P6B – Amelia and Cezary
P7A – Faith and Sandy
P7B – Aidan and Sam

P3A Saving the world, one litter pick at a time!

P3A were shocked at all the litter they saw in Treverlen Park this morning but we made sure the community park was sparkling by the time we were done!

‘We went litter picking and we found lots of rubbish’ – Lily

‘We saved the planet!’ – Lorenzo

‘We helped save the environment by going litter picking’ – Michael

Well done P3A our Litter picking superheroes!

P3 Bug Club

The past two weeks P3 have been going on Bumblebee safaris around the playground. We have lots of bumblebees visiting St Johns so it has been very exciting to spot them.

Below are a few photos of bees and children looking at bees, the first bee feeding on the lavender is a Common Carder Bumblebee and the bee flying across the lavender is a Red Tailed Bumblebee. Both are Queen bees which is exciting because it means the first colony has done well enough to produce Queens so will have another generation before the winter comes. Its a big plus of lock down that there has been less mowing and so more food for the bees! We also have an identifier sheet on the blog so we can spot the different bees and their roles.

Next week and the week after we will make bug hotels. If any children have sticks or dry materials from their gardens they would like to donate to this project we would be grateful. We will place the mini bug hotels around the playground and in the park.

Good work P3!


Eco Schools Success!

We are delighted that after a lot of hard work and exciting projects over the last few years, we have been successful in our application for another Green Flag. This means that our status as an Eco School has been renewed for another two years, and we will be restarting our journey towards our next flag soon!

Well done to everyone who has been involved in this success, from the school staff and pupils to parents and the wider community, everyone has played a part in this. It hasn’t been easy given the lockdowns, and several plans have been postponed and cancelled so we are delighted with this certificate! Thank you!