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As part of our Solar System topic some members of P6 wrote a story about the Man on the Moon. This piece was based on the John Lewis advert from 2015. There were lots of excellent efforts including this one by Fred.

The vast landscape stretched for miles; a series of repetitive craters. Thick dust settled on the hard surface and when disturbed, filled the atmosphere making it cloudy. A solitary man sat peacefully still on a bench, staring into the bleak beyond. Loneliness seemed to engulf this place, even when looking afar. Colourless and empty, the atmosphere reflected the man inside.

There was a old man who was about 70 years old, who lived on the moon that we all know. Every day he would walk over to a small plain bench which he made when he got to the grey old moon about 45 years ago.

One day he got out of bed like normal but when he looked out of his window, looking into the endless space and into the bright shining Earth, thinking about how much he missed the fantastic place. But this time he looked everything looked much closer. He could see all the little detials of the world. He thought for a minute, then he had a flabbergasting idea! The old man took an old worn down stool and smashed the window like a bulldozer. He found three little pieces and put them about 3 inches away from each other and tied them on the leg of the stool. He cleverly looked into it and he could see everything! He could even see people playing funnily with the bright white snow [some of the snow was actually yellow.] Although he had no friends, no family, he felt happy for every single person on Earh because they don’t have to look into the weightless and empty atmosphere of the moon.

Every day after that he would sit on the bench and look at the children playing happilly, but one day he saw a big object coming towards his home, the moon. It landed about a mile away from his house, so he had a peaceful little walk over to it. The object was a huge space shuttle with the letters N.A.S.A. on the front.

Some small people came out and they saw him they were flabbegasted, they asked the old man if he wanted to go back to Earth, he said “sure, I would love to! But first I need to get something.” So he ran back as fast as his old legs could take him, whent into his house and grabbed a beautiful old photo of him when he first got to the moon. He said his last goodbyes and got on to the shuttle then they had a safe journey straight back to Earth, and the now “happy” old man lived happily ever after.

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