P6 trips and workshops

Primary 6 are planning a variety of workshops and trips this year. Scottish Gas are presenting an energy workshop in class on Tuesday 3rd October which the children are excited about.

Author Alex Nye will be working with P6 on Friday 6th October in the hall as part of the Portobello Book Festival celebrations.

As part of our Space topic, P6 will be visiting Dynamic Earth on the 25th October for a tour and to complete workshops. There is no cost for this trip, both the entrance and bus are free. We would be grateful for parent helpers on our visit.

Primary 6 will also be visiting the Forth Road Bridge visitor centre to take part in STEM workshops which will help the children to develop team work and problem solving skills within the context of bridge building. We will be visiting the bridge on Wednesday 24th January 2018. There is no entrance fee for this trip, however we will be required to pay for our transportation to and from the centre. We would appreciate volunteers to accompany us on this exciting trip!

We plan to have more trips as the year progresses and as opportunities arise. We would very much appreciate parent helpers to enable us to go on these trips.


National Poetry Day

As part of our National Poetry celebrations Primary 6 have spent Friday morning reciting their favourite poems in class. Children chose a whole range of poems with a variety of topics and spoke with confidence in front of their peers. Earlier in the week children explored the poem ‘Early last Sunday morning’ and answered questions about the poem and children also wrote their own senses poems all about the notion of Freedom. The work produced was excellent and can be seen in the individual pupil Snapshot journals.

Well done boys and girls!

P6 Early Intervention Programme

Dear parents and carers we would just like to inform you that your child is soon to be involved in the Early Interventions project within their class at school.  This is a joint initiative between Jack Kane Community Centre (a voluntary organisation), St Johns Primary School and CEC Lifelong learning (Jack Kane Community Centre)

The projects aim is to raise awareness to community life and will be working alongside your child and their class mates from Tuesday 22nd August with all sessions being delivered in partnership with the class teacher.


Over the 8 weeks sessions the project will cover topics such as Children’s Rights, Cyberbullying, community life, bullying, stereotypes and internet safety.  Each session is delivered using an informal educational approach and is in line with the school’s curriculum.

Thank you

St John’s Fairtrade uniforms

Fairtrade Cotton School Uniform

We should like to remind parents that last year we introduced an ethically manufactured school uniform option made with Fairtrade Cotton that can be ordered online from Koolskools (see below).

1. There is no difference in quality between Fairtrade cotton and normal cotton. Fairtrade cotton means that we can be sure that the farmers who grow the cotton receive a fair and sustainable payment for their crop. Their communities also receive a premium for projects such as building schools, hospitals, access to clean water and so on.

2. Being “Fairtrade Cotton Certified” means that all parts of the manufacturing process of the Fairtrade cotton garments have been inspected and audited. The factories are signed up to Fairtrade Minimum Standards, designed to ensure that practices such as child labour and enforced overtime/long working hours don’t exist.

1. Over the past 6 years Koolskools have built an internationally renowned ethical clothing company, and are working with schools all over the UK.

2. Koolskools is the only school uniform provider in the UK offering a complete range of garments made with Fairtrade cotton. Our research has proved that they offer quality and value-for-money garments which are all double stitched, easy iron, and durable 50% cotton/50% polyester mix.
3. Koolskools also work with all their client schools in offering presentations to children of all ages about ethical and fair trading. The idea is that if the school embraces school uniform made with Fairtrade cotton, then our students are given the opportunity to learn all about the ethical trading story behind it.

So all parents can order school logo’ed Fairtrade uniform online at:
Go to the St John’s buying page on the Koolskools website on the following link – https://www.koolskools.co.uk/product-category/st-johns-primary-school-edinburgh/ – and place your order.
There will be a flat delivery charge of £3.50, whether you order just one or multiple garments.
Orders will take a maximum of 10 working days to turn around (15 days between June and September), from the date of order placement.

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