ECO meeting January 2017


ECO meeting Wednesday 16th January

REGISTER Apologies – Kirsten, Lewis, Anna and Annie

Mr Burgess welcomed the ECO group back from holidays and introduced January as Water Awareness Month.

Mr Burgess explained that throughout the world people face different issues with water.

The group were asked what issues people might face. The children thought some countries had too little water whilst others had too much causing flooding. Having clean water was a big problem in some countries too. Kacper explained there was a straw developed to filter water so it could be drunk safely from puddles.

Mr Burgess explained he had sent round an email to teachers which included ideas to help us understand the challenges people face around the World.

Issues in school –

Milk is being taken out from the dinner hall and then stood on outside to create a mess. Mr Burgess explained no milk cartons should be leaving the dinner hall.

Litter seems to be under control at the moment since the high school moved although we need to restart our litter rota.

There is excess food waste in the dinner hall during lunchtime and we need to investigate ways to recycle packaging in the dinner hall too.

Most classes are recycling but there are concerns that some children tip the recycled materials into the wrong bins. ECO reps will produce posters and these will go on the recycling bins outside. Also ECO reps should be involved in recycling in class to ensure it is carried out properly.

Gardening – Some children are standing on the planters outside and it was felt that if there were plants, herbs or food planted it would encourage people to respect the growing areas. Also it was felt that we could use recycled materials such as tyres or palettes to plant and brighten up our garden.

The children felt it was important that P7’s were seen to be a good example to the P1’s as they are the enxt generation of students in St John’s.

Carrie felt that we could repaint the game lines on the ground in the playground to brighten up the outside space.

Next meeting February 2016

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