Learning in Primary 2 (w/b 10th January 2022)

Happy New Year from primary 2!

P2 have been getting stuck into their learning during the first couple of weeks. We have begun a new block of learning in phonics, looking at split digraphs/magic ‘e’. This week we have been learning about words with a_e. Please check your child’s bag on Monday for a homework pack for this term containing more details about learning in phonics as well as other curricular areas. We have also introduced new common words: ‘other, mother, another, have, give and live’.

In our number work we have been revising our knowledge of place value and numbers to 100, before we move on to simple addition and subtraction over the next term.

We have also started our new topic – castles! Primary 2 are really excited about this topic, and have had lots of good questions for us to learn about:

‘How did castles stop bad guys getting in?’ – Aila
‘When were castles built?’ – Lewis
‘How did people attack castles?’ – William
‘What sizes were castles?’ – Ava
‘Who lived in castles?’ – Elise

We will be answering these questions and more throughout this term.

In IT we have been using iPads to support learning in maths, learning to log in with our individual passwords, and starting to use QR codes to navigate to different websites.

During our undirected playtime, the children have had lots of good learning experiences. Children in P2a have been working hard to make their own movie- they have made masks and props, written a script together, held auditions for actors and interviews for a director as well as acting out and filming a short film for the class to watch. Some children have also been experimenting with ink and water using tissues to see if they can create different patterns, as well as building turrets with the blocks and making lots of different things with paper, string and junk modelling. Lots of the children have also been using our writing station to think up stories.

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all on Monday!

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