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We made recipes for good suspense stories. Some ingredients we included were ellipses, metaphors and similes , personification, feelings and senses.

We made raps about The parable of The Good Samaritan that taught us to treat other people with kindness. We also learned about Saint Margaret of Scotland. She was a queen who helped people on the streets of Edinburgh and looked after orphans too.

We played beat the teacher where we asked the teacher general knowledge questions and she asked us questions too. We won! (Miss Miller said the adult questions were really hard!)

In maths, we applied our knowledge decimals in some assessments.

And this week is book week and we get to dress up. We listened to Ross Mackenzie on authors live and talked about our favourite books.

Written by Sophie and Louise

P7 Home Learning – Term 1

Home Learning – Second Level (P5, P6, P7)  

Term 1 (September – December 2020) 

Please find attached the home learning activities for your child’s stage.  

At second level, our grid is separated into three areas; literacy, numeracy and outdoor learning/health and wellbeing. The grid covers term one from September to December.  

We ask that learners choose 2/3 activities per week from each area to complete and upload a photograph of their work onto Teams (P6 and P7) or Learning Journals (P5).   

Teachers will check in with homework fortnightly to provide feedback on tasks completed.  

At present P6 and P7 are completing active spelling tasks daily in class therefore there is no requirement to extend this further at home.  

We are in the process of rolling out a new reading programme in school (Accelerated Reader). Information on group reading homework, and how this will be managed in light of current restrictions, will follow soon. In the meantime, we encourage lots of personal reading at home whether this is fiction, non-fiction, online articles etc. 

Many thanks,

The P7 Team


P7 Home Learning W/B 27th April

Primary 7 are using Microsoft Teams to communicate with their teachers and other pupils during this challenge time of home learning. They have access to Office 365 and OneDrive, and have been sharing their learning using the school iPad provided.

This week we have a new home learning grid for pupils. We encourage our P7s to plan their week at a level and pace which suits each family situation. We are aiming for 2/3 tasks a day where possible. If parents need to get in touch with class teachers, please eMail the school admin account on admin@st.johns.edin.sch.uk

This weeks learning grid is attached. Home Learning Grid P7 – WB 27th April