Burns Supper!

On Monday, we learned about the life of Robert Burns and how people celebrate his life today. We then wrote an invitation for our own Burns Supper including information about the traditional food and entertainment such ceilidh dancing. In the afternoon, we learned ‘Strip the willow’. It was great fun and made us feel energetic… but also a bit dizzy!!

On Wednesday, we learned that it’s traditional to do a toast to the lassies at a Burns Supper and a reply. The boys and girls split up and we thought about ways in which we could toast each other in a humorous way! We collated everyone’s ideas and wrote a toast, ready to be presented at the Burns Supper.

On Thursday afternoon, we all wore tartan! We were piped into one classroom where there were tables set and decorated with tartan. Everyone sat down and we watched a video clip about Robert Burns. We then said the Selkirk Grace together. Before we ate, we listened to someone performing the address to the haggis… which was very dramatic! It was then time to eat our braw shortbread and tablet! We washed it down with a wee irn-bru! After that, we listened to some of Robert Burns’ famous poems such as ‘Tae a Moose’.

We were then excited to finally do the toast to the lassies and the reply! Michael Tester confidently delivered a toast to the lassies which was hilarious… before Lauren, Catriona, Daisy, Olivia and Sophie got their own back with their reply on behalf of the lassies!! To end our celebration, we all joined hands and sang Auld Lang Syne!

We loved our Burns Supper!

Renewable Energy

Lewis’ uncle Stuart came to visit our classes because our topic is non-renewable and renewable energy sources and he works on a wind farm offshore.

We enjoyed listening to all the interesting information and looking at his PowerPoint presentation about his work offshore. We also enjoyed finding out how big the different equipment is and how the electricity gets back to shore.

What we found most interesting was that the vessel he works on could hold more than 2000 cars in weight. We also found the ROV interesting. It is a submarine that has a camera and is used to help connect cables under water and check that they aren’t broken. We all learned that it was harder in some ways to live on a boat instead of living in your house.

By Daisy and Arthur