ECO Group Meeting 3rd December 2015

ECO Rep meeting Thursday 3rd December
Welcome – Apologies – Harry, Kacper, Natasha,
ECO week was it a success?
Bertie – Paperless Wednesday was good we did no maths in jotters.
Sam – A lot of people were putting rubbish in the bins
Annie – There was very little rubbish during ECO week
Erinn – People were trying to finish their lunch during ECO week
Brodie – There was a big drop in litter during ECO week
Eliza – Paperless day convinced people to use recycled materials.
Next Steps for ECO week
Brodie – No compost bins to empty caddies in to.
Eliza – Paper recycling bin overfilled and unable to take anymore paper.
Erinn – Paperless day was OK but some teachers used paper.
What has the classes been doing this term with an ECO focus?
P2’s made bird feeders using harvested sunflower seeds
P3’s designed an ECO friendly bedroom and a minibeast survey in the garden.
P4’s designed an ECO friendly house
P5’s made God Eyes using recycled materials
P7’s made Anderson shelters as part of the WW2 topic using recycled cardboard.
Most classes used ECO pledges and we held a whole class ECO code competition.
Are there litter issues to pick up on?
We need a litter picking rota. Mon-Wed classes take turns to litter pick after lunch. Thursday ECO group litter pick after composting their class food waste.
Do we need new bins in class to encourage recycling and composting?
P3A require a bin for milk cartons. They are presently only recycling paper.
Are classes composting?
Classes require new composting caddies to encourage them to compost weekly. Mr Burgess will contact the council regarding new caddies.
We should have a no electricity day to help save power. We could also have an outdoor learning day during term 3.
We should use an energy meter to measure usage within the school.
Meeting was closed and the next meeting was scheduled for January.

P1 look after God’s World

P1 have been very busy learning about recycling. Having read the No Bot story, both classes made their own  robots using recyced materials.

Firstly, the childern planned their robots and drew their ideas down before deciding what materials they should use.

The children explained their ideas to the class and thought of materials they could recycle such as cardboard, plastic and glass.

We think they look grrrreat!

IMG_0717 IMG_0715 IMG_0714

ECO Day 2015

Thank you to all the children and families who worked so hard to prepare stunning windmills as part of our ECO day celebrations. The children enjoyed a wonderful morning of music, ice cream and singing and listened very well to all the hard work children in classes have undertaken to help us to be more ECO friendly.

A huge thank you to Miss Miller and the choir who entertained us with songs from their recent production Jonah and the Whale, and the violinists and cellists led by Mr Pagan and Mrs Hovarth who played some beautiful pieces of music whilst we ate our ice cream.

Thanks also to parents who came along to share our morning and to Mrs Thomson and all the staff who helped make it such a smooth experience.

Lastly thank you to all our ECO reps who have worked very hard to improve our school environment this year, keep up the good work!

ECO Day homework Challenge

This year our ECO day theme is wind power. Your homework challenge is to create a turning windmill using recycled materials. The windmill can be any design you wish and you can use any recycled materials such as cardboard tubes or plastic bottles.
Wind power is an excellent source of renewable energy. We would love to have a wind turbine with our new school and would help us to be truly ECO friendly!
We will take part in the Great Windmill parade on Monday 15th June as part of our ECO day celebrations. Good Luck!