P5a’s News of the Week

Hello everyone!

It has been a busy week for P5a. Across the school (and country) it is Catholic Education Week, Book Week Scotland as well as Anti-Bullying Week so we have tried to fit in a bit of everything amongst all of the other learning we had to do!

For Catholic Education Week we reflected on how best we could follow Jesus. The children came up with some really lovely ideas about the qualities which Jesus embodied which we will try to follow both in our thoughts and our actions. Their writing is in their Snapshot Journals so we hope you’ll be able to see it one day soon.

For Anti-Bullying Week we held a class assembly and circle time to discuss what we can do to help someone who is being bullied and who we can reach out to if we need help.

For Book Week Scotland we read the prologue to Ross Mackenzie’s The Nowhere Emporium and watched an Authors Live interview with him. We also read ‘The Magic Box’ poem and wrote a class poem with wonderfully imaginative descriptions inspired by it. We are looking forward to writing our own poems next week. Many children dressed up as their favourite book character on Friday which was great to see. Others enjoyed wearing their casual clothes- they looked very comfy!

In numeracy and maths we finished our unit on three and four digit addition and moved on to subtraction which we’ll continue next week. We also did an assessment on data handling which showed us which skills we still need to work on.

The children also had a wonderful time in Art and Outdoor Learning on Wednesday this week. Please see Ms McWilliam’s website update for more information on their art.

Our most exciting news is that we placed 19 out of 305 classes in the Sumdog Edinburgh Contest! Huge thank you to all of the children who put a lot of effort into answering as many of the 1000 questions as they could (both at home and at school). I’m very proud of you.

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll look forward to seeing you back and ready to learn on Monday.


Mrs Birdsell

Primary 5 Learning Update

As it is Book Week Scotland, Primary 5 have been enjoying a number of exciting activities.

Joseph and John in P5b said “We read the prologue of THE NOWHERE EMPORIUM by Ross Mackenzie as part of Scottish Book Week. We also read a poem called ‘The Magic Box.’ It was lots of fun.”

Tomorrow we are looking forward to seeing all of the children either dressed as a character from a book or in their casual clothes.

Have a wonderful weekend when it comes! Thank you all for your ongoing support.

Kind regards,

Miss Redman, Mrs Birdsell and Mrs McIntyre