To the grown-ups of the P3 classes

We understand that each of our families have different circumstances.  Some will want to complete every learning activity we can provide (and then some!); some will not be able to manage that for reasons that we competelyunderstand.One of the most important messages we can give you is that we do not want home learning to create additional stress in an already stressful time.

The guidance we have received is that some routine is important for all of us during these long periods of isolation, but that said, a fixed schedule will suit children and families and add terrible pressure to others. Last week, I sent a letter to the P3A class reminding them to do some things every day and I encouraged them to be as independent as possible and without a computer, tablet or phone (we know that access to these may be limited). These include:

  • Read (20 minutes)
  • Solve a puzzle or do some maths sums (20 minutes)
  • Play a game (20 minutes)
  • Learn something, make something, build something, sing something (30 minutes)
  • Be active (at least an hour a day, in short bursts or longer sessions)
  • Practice handwriting and spelling (20 minutes)
  • Write (20 minutes)
  • Listen, think, imagine or pray (20 minutes)
  • Be helpful to people around you.  (20 minutes) 

We’ve set most things at about 20 minutes as there are some children who find it difficult to remain focused.  It may help to set a timer so that the activity at hand is achievable and not endless.

We would like to stay in touch with the pupils as best we can and to provide some community and connection for them.  We are still working out the best way to do that and will keep you posted.  

The activities and lessons we suggest will build around this basic plan.  Please use this as a guide only as you make your own way through this with love, fun and understanding for your young ones and yourselves.  

All best wishes and regards –

Janet Morrison and Portia Ryrie-Horak

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  1. Thank you Ms Morrison and Horak. Max was off school last days and we weren’t sure how we should do this. Best wishes and good health from Max and family.

  2. Thank you Ms Morrison for your support. Evie is doing bit of (almost) each thing daily – lets hope it continues! No sprouting plants yet! Keep safe and thanks again Louise Fraser x

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