Get Fit with P2B!

Primary 2B were put through their paces by Mrs Gargaro yesterday in their PE lesson focusing on ‘Fitness and Stamina’ 🥵 After a warm-up and team game, the children worked through 5 stations, each for 1 minute – shuttle runs, high knees, toes nose sky, spotty dogs and star jumps! They were AMAZING! Out of puff but powering through! They finished with victory laps of the playground waving to Mrs Kelly and Mrs Kinsella in their office as they passed! The children practised marching, skipping, hopping, galloping and jogging! We finished with a cool down and a big drink of water 💦 Red faced and sweaty hair but healthy little bodies 💪🏼 Good job P2B 🌟

Tubes of Emotion 🌈

Primary 2B have been learning about different emotions. The children came up with a list of different feeling words and then they worked in pairs to act out the emotion. We talked about how we might respond if we notice a friend displaying one of the emotions. Can you guess which emotions the children are acting out?!
P2B also had a go at an experiment called ‘Tubes of Emotion’ The children picked colours to best match the emotion then watched it bubble over! The children learned how emotions can change throughout their day and come and go in waves. Such a fun lesson and the children are very in tune with their emotions 🌈

Primary 2B Learning and Fun!

Primary 2B have had a busy start to the school session. The children have enjoyed being back together doing what they do best – learning with friends and having FUN! We have been working extremely hard in class and sometimes the children can be quite tired by the end of the day!! We have been learning new sounds and building words and we have been working on our numbers within 100. We have also been exploring 2D and 3D shapes. We have been getting arty and scientific with rainbow crafts, happy balloons and the Skittles sweetie experiment. Lastly, we have been talking lots about our emotions and how to ‘Bounce Back’ when things in life are tough! Mrs Williamson and I have LOVED getting back into the classroom and we are enjoying getting to know the class group. We are all keeping safe and clean and it’s FAB to be back!

Welcome back!

Good morning Primary 2!  I  hope you had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed the sunshine.  I am missing seeing you all and hearing all your stories!

I enjoyed bike rides, baking lemon drizzle cake for the first time, playing with Lego and making a paper mache pig!!  I hope you had fun times too!

If you are managing to do some tasks from the Learning grids, then great, but the main thing is to stay happy, play lots, use your imagination and keep smiling!  Do what you can and what suits your family!

Have a good day and sending love from Mrs Gargaro x

Good morning Primary 2!

Good morning Primary 2!

I hope you have had a good couple of days at home and you are feeling happy!  If you have managed to do some school work that’s great, but if not, don’t worry – have some fun, play and get creative! My children built a den yesterday using blankets, pegs and cushions.  They drank hot chocolate, we looked at a book together and played a word memory game inside the den.  Why not try building a den today?

Love Mrs Gargaro x