Working hard!

Since returning from our October break, Primary 2B have been working their little socks 🧦 off!
The children LOVE to learn and continue to show enthusiasm and a boundless amount of energy for learning new things!
The list could go on but here is a snapshot of some of our learning 😊

Place value – how numbers are made – how many tens and ones are in each number. Learning to read the time – o’clock and half past on both analogue and digital clocks ⏰ Number word recognition and counting. Magic e – how the letter ‘e’ can change the sound of words – LOTS of writing ✍️ and reading 📖 here! Phases of the moon 🌙 using Oreo cookies 🍪 Remembrance Day silence and poppy craft. Catholic Education week 🙏🏻(16th November) learning about St Teresa of Calcutta and how we can follow in her footsteps.

I hope the children are telling you about their days in school 🏫! It’s a happy and safe place to be 😊

Busy, Busy!

It’s all about symmetry this week for our learning in Primary 2B! We drew invisible lines down our bodies and explored how to make ourselves symmetrical! We made mirror images of Mrs Gargaro and each other. We then used shapes, cubes, colours and figures to practice making them symmetrical. Outside, we looked for symmetry in nature and drew symmetrical pictures. It was really fun!

As part of our Health and Well Being work, we chatted about how we can all fall out with friends at some point and we all can have problems that need to be resolved. We chatted about how this is just part of life but more importantly we worked out HOW TO FIX IT! We know that using our words is the best way and using our ‘emotion’ words helps too. We made puppets and acted out an argument and then how to become friends again 💕👬

Friendship Soup 👫🌈

Primary 2B have been ‘cooking’ up pots of Friendship Soup! As a class, they listed the ingredients of a good friendship. They worked in pairs to colour and cut out words that best describe friendship. They glued them into their pots of soup! We have them displayed on our classroom window. We can see them when we are out playing. Every friendship needs a good dose of “goofiness”!!

Zen in P2B!

Yesterday P2B stretched out and did some Yoga 🧘‍♂️ Yoga improves the children’s flexibility, strength and co-ordination. It helps to create a sense of calm in our classroom and it improves focus. The children are very bendy and love using their bodies to explore Yoga positions!

Get Fit with P2B!

Primary 2B were put through their paces by Mrs Gargaro yesterday in their PE lesson focusing on ‘Fitness and Stamina’ 🥵 After a warm-up and team game, the children worked through 5 stations, each for 1 minute – shuttle runs, high knees, toes nose sky, spotty dogs and star jumps! They were AMAZING! Out of puff but powering through! They finished with victory laps of the playground waving to Mrs Kelly and Mrs Kinsella in their office as they passed! The children practised marching, skipping, hopping, galloping and jogging! We finished with a cool down and a big drink of water 💦 Red faced and sweaty hair but healthy little bodies 💪🏼 Good job P2B 🌟