P2, Week 1st June ☀️

Primary 2 have been focusing on Money 💰 in maths this week. We have been learning to recognise the coins and count up totals within £1. We have been playing LOTS of games and enjoyed working at different stations. We have been working together in pairs and groups and helping each other ☺️

Primary 2 May, the Month of Mary

Primary 2 have been learning about our mother Mary. We have been learning the Hail Mary prayer and we have coloured in some beautiful pictures of Mary. We have learned the purpose of Rosary beads and made our own beads using pipe cleaners and beads. We also created some colourful flowers for our May altar.

P2 French Art, tres bien!

Primary 2 have been learning about the french artists 👩‍🎨 Henri Matisse and Henri Rousseau 🎨

They have created these beautiful masterpieces in the style of these artists. They have used colour, collage and paint to make these pictures. Amazing work P2 and lots of fun!

Short week 😆

A short week for the children but still packing a punch with our learning!

A STEM challenge turned us into budding architects as we tried to build the Eiffel Tower! 🇫🇷 We used spaghetti and marshmallows, straws and blu-tac, Lego, K-Nex, play-doh and cocktail sticks and Jenga blocks! Some of our buildings became really tall, others fell down, we explored which materials are best for building and how to make our structures strong!
We also continued to work hard on reading and writing our ‘tricky’ words. We played games, practiced rainbow writing ✏️ 🌈, look, cover, write, check, sounds cubes and hiding our words inside shapes.
We explored the emotion of Embarrassment. After reading our Pufferfish poem, we discussed times when we can feel embarrassed, how our bodies react and then how to overcome embarrassment. Sometimes it’s best to just laugh it off and know that everyone gets embarrassed at some point!

Well done P2, you are all STARS ⭐️

Primary 2 Learning ❤️

Primary 2 are back to business with another busy week of learning and fun!🌈

France 🇫🇷 is our new topic! On Monday we discussed what we already know and what we would like to find out about this country. We have learned some fun facts and coloured in the flag! 🇫🇷 We have also learned about the Eiffel Tower, how it was built, who built it and why it was built. We then created silhouettes of the Eiffel Tower against chalk pastel sunset backgrounds. We were very pleased with our efforts!🎨

In our Health and Well Being lessons we have been thinking about our emotions. We read a fantastic poem called ‘A is for Angry’ It was based on a lion and described how we feel and how we act when we feel angry. We shared examples of when we feel angry, and how our bodies react. We explored what we can do when we feel angry to help us feel calm again. We loved colouring in a lion 🦁 and creating a word bank. Next week we will be reading ‘E is for Embarrassment’ We really enjoyed this learning 👍🏻

In Maths we have been learning about sharing equal amounts. We used practical materials to help us and we enjoyed working in groups to explore this new concept. We have also been learning about collecting data to create bar graphs. We learned why organising information into a graph can help us to understand the data. We really enjoyed collecting data on eye 👁 colour and turns out the most popular eye colour in P2B is blue 💙

Both Primary 2 classes are working hard in class and we are very impressed. Long may it continue 🌈