P2 Christmas Party fun!

It was the -P2 elves and reindeers Christmas party yesterday.  (P2)

We played corners and we played musical statues and there was a winner.  Then we had lunch and we saw Santa Clause and then it was home time.

It was so much fun – Leitzia

I enjoyed food most from the day – Lila

I enjoyed musical bumps because when you go down you need to stay still -Lois D

Pupils invited to Tree of the Year event

Last night 5 pupils from P3-6 attended a very special awards ceremony to celebrate the life of trees in Scotland. Each year people gather in the Parliament to announce the ‘Tree of the Year’.

Our pupils were invited to see a film made about the importance of planting trees to help combat climate change. We were 1 of 2000 community projects supported by the Woodland Trust to plant 1 million native trees this year.

John Finney MSP hosted the event in the Member’s Room of the Scottish Parliament and Annemiek Hoogenboom, Country director for the People’s Postcode lottery spoke about their sponsorship support for the Woodland Trust. Here are some of our thoughts from last night…

“I felt excited last night because it’s been a long time since I was last at the parliament. We had apple juice in wine glasses and I tried different types of food too. I felt amazing watching the film we helped make, my dad felt excited too!” Helena

“I felt scared going into the Parliament, it was my first time visiting. I felt a bit nervous before we went up to the Member’s Room, I liked the food and loved the apple juice. Eating the fancy food was the highlight of the night for me! My mum felt excited to see me on the screen!” Amilya

“I felt excited going to the parliament, it was my first time visiting. I felt good because it was a great opportunity and I was grateful to be chosen to take part. I felt good watching the film, lots of people were watching us on the screen. My highlight was the fancy food and watching the film. My dad said he liked the food too!” Micheal

“It was my first time visiting the parliament, I was excited to see what it looked like inside. It was a good opportunity to meet new people and see new places. My mum said she really enjoyed it too, it was her second time going to the parliament. It was a really busy place with carol singing downstairs. My highlight was being served juice and water in wine glasses!” Filip

“Last night was my first time going to the Parliament. I felt nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. It was exciting to be part of the event last night, my highlight was seeing John Finney MSP, he hosted the event and spoke about the importance of looking after our trees and our world. My dad was really proud of me, the film was really good!” Emilia

DTIM Masses Update

Our children’s masses were well attended at St Mary Magdalene’s and St John’s this weekend. It was the Rite of Illumination for Primary 3 whilst Primary 4 pupils took an active role answering questions and composing intercessions during the Mass. Some pupils also met their prayer partners after mass in the hall. Thank you to the parish sacramental team who supported the children and school staff who attended.

Garden Club Term 1 Update

More lovely times with Garden Club this term. The children have cleared and replenished the beds with compost and horse manure. We have winter cabbages coming along in one of the raised beds, the kitchen will be able to incorporate them into one of the school meals next term.

We’ve transplanted lots of the self seeded seedlings into the propagator at the front of the school. Hopefully they will survive the frosts and we will have a head start with calendula, nasturtium, borage and rocket in the spring and we will have spare plants to sell at the spring fair.

More daffodil bulbs have been planted at the front of the school, I’m looking forward to some cheery yellow in April.

We worked with the Woodland Trust to plant some native Scottish trees around the new school site; Dog Rose up the boundary fence between the willow tunnel and the astro, a Hazel fence at Nursary, a Rowan and Oak tree near the bike parking and Rowan and Silver Birch Trees near the astro.