P3A’s Week in Review

Max and Stevie from Meadowbank Karate Club demonstrated some moves during our Karate taster session
We helped each other to practise our 2 times tables.
For World Book Day we did a draw along with the illustrator of Dave the Pigeon. How fabulous are our drawings?! We are working on our listening and following instruction skills as well as trying not to worry if we make mistakes and most of us did really well with these skills today.

Papyrus Making in P3

P3a children have loved making papyrus as part of our Ancient Egypt topic. It was a very sticky activity but a lot of fun! P3b children are looking forward to making theirs tomorrow. We can’t wait to show you the finished product!

P6A’s STEM Visit to Holyrood High School

We had a brilliant time on our visit to Holyrood RC High School on Tuesday. We got to visit the DET classrooms and use saws and sandpaper to make our own keychains and then we visited a Biology classroom where we investigated using microscopes. We even got to learn about how to safely use a Bunsen Burner!

P6A’s Growth Mindset Posters

We have been learning about how to approach our learning with a growth rather than a fixed mindset. Here are some posters we made to inspire each other and others.