Welcome to our new Primary 1 children!

This morning, some of our new Primary 1s came along with their parents and carers to meet their new teachers and to get used to the learning spaces.

After a wee story and a chat with their new teachers, Primary 6 did an excellent job as our new buddies, taking the children along to their classrooms and helping them to explore the different areas. Here are a few photographs of the morning. Well done to all our new Primary 1s!

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Flexible Learning Spaces in P1

Primary 1 staff have been trying out new combinations of furniture and resources. The children have really been enjoying moving around the new layout and using the resources in a variety of ways.

In the STEM space, we were building models with the lego and exploring with the magnets. In the Literacy area, the children were word building and practising their fine motor skills with paintbrushes. Outside in the breakout space, lots of fabulous models were being created and stories were being shared in the library.

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Planting Seeds in Primary 1

Primary 1 have been collecting old plastic drinks bottles. We are now recycling them and making them into little greenhouses! We started putting the soil and water in today and soon we will be ready to choose what seeds we want to plant.

We know that our seeds need soil, water and light to grow – following on from our S.W.A.F. learning at the Botanic Gardens last week. We are planning to look after our seeds really well! DSC_0591.JPG

Teddy Bears’ Picnic!

Pupils from Primary 1 very much enjoyed their class trip to the Botanic Gardens on Wednesday. We learned about S.W.A.F. (Shelter, Water, Air and Food) and we know that all animals need these things to survive.

We went on a S.W.A.F. treasure hunt around the Garden, meditated in the beautiful surroundings, created our own islands with S.W.A.F. in mind and enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch together. What a fantastic day!


P1 Tree Artwork

We practised mixing yellow and blue paint to make green leaves and grass. Primary 1 produced these wonderful tree paintings! We were amazed to see the yellow and blue becoming green on the page. We used different shades of blue to give us lighter and darker shades of green. The boys and girls were so proud of their work that we decided to put them on the wall to show them off!

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