Feeding the birds in Primary 1

Primary 1 have been so interested in feeding the birds during Winter. Eva made a fab bird feeder out of paper a few weeks ago at the junk modelling table and the children all wanted to make their own ones.

We have put all those yoghurt pots to good use! Today we made bird cakes, made some beautiful birds from clay, painted Winter trees and listened to some stories.

After lunch, we went out to the playground to hang our bird feeders in the trees and then we watched in case any birds came down for a snack – we didn’t see any! We are going to go out for a birdwatch before playtime tomorrow.

In the afternoon, we did some fabulous writing about our bird -cakes and we really impressed Mrs Roxburgh who came for a visit from nursery.

Polar Food Chains

We had a very productive afternoon in Primary 1 learning about Arctic Food chains. All the children were really engaged – we watched some nature videos, played with the Arctic small world scene and drew our own food chain diagrams.

We learned some new vocabulary plankton, zooplankton, predator and orca. 

The children have asked if we can learn more about whales – watch this space! What super scientists Primary 1.

‘The polar bear is a top predator!’ Albie

‘The sun gives the plants energy.’ Mia-Rose

‘Does the blue whale have teeth?’ Hugh

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Noah’s Ark!

Primary 1 have had a wonderful time learning about Noah’s Ark – we drew beautiful detailed pictures in our jotters of the Ark, Noah and all the animals.

We also made our own ark with the wooden blocks, retold the story with the small world ark and painted a fabulous display for our classroom wall! Everyone chose different animals – we think it looks fantastic!


P1 Library Visit

Primary 1 enjoyed a lovely walk down to Portobello Library this week. P1b went along on Monday afternoon and P1a on Wednesday afternoon.

We very much enjoyed the walk – spotting buses, the church, the park and crossing the road at the green man!

When we arrived, we listened to a talk about the library and saw what we can borrow. We heard There Was A Wee Lassie Who Swallowed A Midgie and The Tiger Who Came To Tea. It was great fun, we laughed lots! After having a look at the books and reading some stories together, it was time to walk back to school.

A huge thanks to our parent helpers!

Mrs Mackay has some forms for library cards if anyone would like to have one for their child.

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Magic of Music – Primary 1

Today Primary 1 enjoyed a visit from Coranne from The Magic of Music. We sang songs together and enjoyed doing the actions.

Some of the songs we sang were the Hello Song, The Wiggles Song, Sally Goes Round The Moon and The Farmer Plants His Seeds.

‘I really did like it because we did loads of singing and it made me feel happy!’ Georgie

‘I loved the singing because it makes me feel very happy.’ Evie

‘That was fun!’ Luca

‘I liked it because it was magical!’ Ailsa

‘I liked singing because it made me feel happy.’ Alex

‘I liked the teacher! She was so much fun!’ Albie

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