Laudato Si Pledge

During Catholic Education Week, St John’s took the pledge to become a Laudato Si School. The whole school participated in a virtual prayer service, promising to respond to Pope Francis call to love God, look after each other and protect our world.

As a Laudato Si school we want to make A CHANGE FOR GOOD. We will LEARN, PRAY AND ACT to make a difference in our world.

We promise that we will work together in our classrooms, the school building, school grounds, homes, local area, across the country and across the world to make change and look after our planet.

Over the coming weeks and months we will share our progress with you.

We Pray:

As a community of faith and learning we make this promise together

We the family of St John’s RC Primary

Promise to love God, look after each other

And protect the earth.

We will learn, pray and act

To protect all life,

To prepare for a better future,

Of justice,



And beauty.


Primary 1 Learning Grid – 22nd -26th June

Well everyone, it’s the last week of the school year and soon it will be the summer holidays! It has been a bit of a strange year but you have been such a wonderful class and we have loved every minute of being your teachers.

Now it is time to think ahead – after the summer you will be moving up into Primary 2! You have grown so much and learned so much this year – be proud of yourselves. We are SO proud of you! Your Primary 1 teachers will miss you lots but your new Primary 2 teachers are so excited and can’t wait to meet you.

In this week’s grid (below and on Learning Journals), we have included a couple of ideas for looking back at your time in Primary 1 and for introducing yourself to your new teachers. Think back and remember all the amazing things you have learned this year… and think about being in Primary 2!

Enjoy your summer holidays boys and girls, you have earned it! Relax, play and have fun – maybe meet up with your friends! Your teachers will be waiting for you at school after the holidays, ready to get started with some new learning – it might be a bit different, but we will do our best together!

Sending you all our love,

Mrs Mackay, Mrs Williams and Mrs Robinson xxx




Sports Week Learning Grid – Primary 1

Hello everyone! We hope you are excited for Sports Week! We have some healthy activities planned for you on this week’s Learning Grid, so we hope you enjoy taking part in these.

Mr Devine has kindly organised a virtual Sports Week for us and you will see videos of your teachers demonstrating events on the school twitter feed and also on the Parent Council Facebook page. This week’s Learning Grid is shown below. It is available to download on Learning Journals as well as some additional materials for scoring, resources and a healthy eating diary! Good luck Primary 1!

As always, try your best and have fun! Remember to share your efforts with us on Learning Journals – we love to see what you are learning at home!


Mrs Mackay, Mrs Williams and Mrs Robinson






Primary 1 Learning Grid 8th June

Hello everybody! We hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. I know everybody is very glad to be able to meet up with friends out of doors – it’s been lovely reading about your catch-ups on Learning Journals!

You have done such excellent learning about toys, now we are beginning something a little bit different. We are starting to think about energy and forces. We hope you enjoy exploring the different learning ideas we have shared for you in this week’s grid (shared below and downloadable from Learning Journals).

Look out for Mrs Williams story too! She is reading one of our Primary 1 favourites this week.

As always, please do as much as you can manage. Stay safe and well, summer is almost here!

Lots of love,

Mrs Williams, Mrs Robinson and Mrs Mackay